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Bearing technology for peak performance Xspeed, Marathon runners at top speed

Thanks to in-house development of the ABEG eXtreme series Findling Waelzlager GmbH, Karlsruhe, offers their own particularly durable deep-groove ball bearings for high-speed applications. Longer service lives can be attained, for example, as a result of the significantly low self-heat generation of the bearing.

Products in the Xspeed series are available and designed for applications such as electric motors, pumps and compressors, ventilators, rotary encoders, air-conditioning units, house-hold appliances and office technology. These are based on tried and tested standard deep-groove ball bearings in the super precision range. The equipment components, lubrication and seals, relevant to the service life of the products, have been precisely optimized to meet the requirements of high-speed applications. This also applies to standard structural elements so that with high-performance bearings there are no high costs or long delivery periods involved.

Since the running characteristics play a particularly important role in this segment, Xspeed bearings satisfy the extremely high demands as to the surface quality and profile of the bearing tracks. They are manufactured in the tolerance class P6 with utmost precision and a high degree of concentricity. The bearing clearance can be adapted to the high speeds by narrowing the tolerance. This allows for optional adjustment of the residual bearing clear-ance by selecting the corresponding casing and shaft fits.

Excellently suited for top speeds
A special, highly purified, viscous and low-noise lubrication with excellent start-up perform-ance qualities ensures optimum operating conditions at top speeds. High-performance grease is used for a temperature range of -40 to +150 °C. Bearings with a clearance of C3 are fitted with an extremely purified high-temperature grease suitable for temperatures of up to +180 °C. The optimal operating temperature can therefore be increased once again: It has a service life of over 750 hours even at +177 °C according to ASTM D 3336.
In this application range the self-heating generation of the bearing plays an important role because it modifies the characteristics and thus the performance of the lubricant. However, the heat factor can be reduced by using the correct sealing. Outstanding results were achieved with the sealing variant 2RSDD (groove runways on both sides, axially fitted grinding rubber seal): In comparison with an RS standard seal the self-heating generation can be reduced by 10 °C which directly influences the service life of the bearing. A low-friction (2RW) and a contact-free variant (LLB) are available as further options.

The service life and comparative tests with selected types on the bearing performance test stand have shown that the actual service life of Xspeed-type bearings is up to 50 per cent higher than the reference values for premium bearings. In the noise test, the vibration ac-celeration was significantly lower and, moreover, the operating temperature was considera-bly lower under the same performance parameters.

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