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Bedfords Group deploys Microlise Fleet Performance in telematics review

Bedfords Group, an established independent haulage and warehousing solution provider which delivers for customers including The Daily Mail and The Salvation Army, is switching to Microlise telematics.

Following a competitive tender, the company has opted to roll out Microlise Fleet Performance across its full fleet of 86 vehicles to increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve customer experience.

The telematics solution will be used by Bedfords to understand where its vehicles are, what they have been doing, how much they are being used and how economically and safely they are being driven.

Through real-time vehicle tracking and playback, Bedfords will instantly be able to see where its tractors, trailers and other assets are on a map and filter them by group, location, vehicle type and time.

Drivers will receive graded feedback on a number of driving characteristics including acceleration, braking, cornering and idling – together combining to provide an overall grade.

The visibility enabled by Fleet Performance will help Bedfords to coach drivers in a targeted way and achieve better performance by reducing fuel costs and minimising vehicle wear and tear.

“The Bedfords Group philosophy is straightforward; we are committed to providing the highest standards of service, flexibility, transparency and commitment throughout all our solutions and services, for every client, regardless of size or location,” said Lee Nichols, Group Managing Director at Bedfords Group. “Following a fresh look at the technology available on the market – we are deploying Microlise, which is the best choice for us.”

Microlise hardware is being installed in each of the vehicles in the fleet and soon Bedfords will have access to a full suite of reports offering intelligence about the fleet’s operation.

“Microlise Fleet Performance removes technical jargon and focusses on actionable, clear and concise information presented in an intuitive way. With tools to improve driver communication, safety and compliance, as well as driver and vehicle performance, the solution will deliver a lot of value for the Bedfords team,” said Microlise Chief Executive Officer, Nadeem Raza.

Microlise, which is one of Europe’s largest telematics companies, has more than 350,000 active vehicle connections and works with 13 of the UK’s 15 largest retailers delivering telematics, technology and transport management solutions.

“We are looking forward to working closely with Bedfords and enabling it to deliver even more efficiently, safely and cost effectively,” added Raza.

For further information about Microlise products, visit www.microlise.com/products.

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