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Belgravium launch VRS, a new ‘Voice Recognition System’

A fully operational 'Voice Recognition System' from Belgravium Ltd is now available for demonstration and implementation. The system has an operating platform based upon Voxware's VoiceXML, VoxBrowser™ software which enables real-time voice solutions for standard warehouse operations. The software is compatible with several of the mobile data capture terminals within the Belgravium range.

Belgravium's Voice Recognition System (VRS) has the ability to support increasing numbers of distribution operations within a range of industry sectors. Food Service, Grocery and Cold Storage industries, Retail and General Merchandising through to Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals can all benefit from the proven benefits of voice technology. Belgravium have enjoyed an early sales 'win' for the system, with the Jersey Co-Op group announcing roll-out within their Jersey and Guernsey distribution facilities.

The significant benefits of the Belgravium Voice Recognition System are fully realised when applied to a range of standard warehouse activities, including order picking, replenishment, goods received, stock checking, quality assurance, returns and shorts processing. Hands-free operation can result in productivity improvements of up to 20% and accuracy levels of 99%. Voice allows reductions in warehouse operational costs providing a safer working environment, reduced training times, and lower turnover of staff. Costs of printers, paper and other materials associated with alternate methods of order selection are reduced or eliminated.

Key Software Features :

· Activity Based Streamlining: Voice has the ability to reach to conditions as they occur, directing and coordinating workers to accomplish tasks in the most effective way.

· Adaptive Voice Recognition: a continuous speech recognizer is impervious to high noise and automatically ignores workers conversations with colleagues.

· Continuous Speech Recogniser: workers can speak with natural pace and rhythm rather than pausing between words or characters.

· Language Blueprints: workers can quickly set up user profiles.

· Multi-Lingual: Supports the simultaneous use of multiple distinct languages.

Key Hardware Features (mobile computers):

Many of the voice recognition systems on today's market use a dedicated voice terminal which cannot be utilised for alternative applications. Belgravium have developed their voice system around the use of standard Windows-based mobile computer terminals. These terminals are invariably of much lower cost than their 'dedicated' equivalent and have the advantage of being truly 'multi-modal'. The terminal's ability to be a standard barcode device for part of the day and then instantly switch to Voice mode, ensures that it has the flexibility to help address the complex business demands which face most warehouse and distribution operations. Other key features include ;

· Maximum Wireless Interoperability: Spread spectrum, GSM/GPRS, GPS and Bluetooth Radio options.

· Industry Standard Operating System : Windows CE.Net

· Touch Screen Display: A high contrast ¼ VGA touch screen display, ideal for use in direct sunlight.

· Internal Scanner Options: Bar code scanning and RFID tag reading.

· Optimum Power Management: 12 hour battery life with a maximum 2 hour charging time.

Karen Fotherby – Marketing Executive
Belgravium Ltd – Campus Road, Listerhills Science Park, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD7 1HR
Tel: + 44 (0) 1274 741860
Fax: + 44 (0) 1274 741862

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