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Bibby Distribution continues to grow without costing the earth

Bibby Distribution has seen business continue to grow by almost 10 per cent, without compromising on its carbon-cutting credentials.

The last year has seen Bibby Distribution increase its overall mileage by 9.4 per cent, while total carbon emissions from the entire business increased only by 9.1 per cent. Overall, fleet CO2 emissions per kilometre have dropped by one per cent on 2013 – meaning that the fleet today proportionally emits 5.5 per cent less CO2 per km than in 2011.

Oliever Hecht, Managing Director, Bibby Distribution, says: “All businesses face the challenge of growing business without costing the earth, and Bibby Distribution is meeting and exceeding that challenge. Our flexibility, combined with our national reach, means we are uniquely placed to drive innovation in the supply chain that makes a big difference.”

Hecht adds: “Our customers want to grow but be supported by efficient working practices and lower costs. We’re helping big businesses with national supply chains to reap the rewards and deliver on their CSR commitments.”

The ongoing improvement in efficiency comes as a result of several major initiatives designed to reduce Bibby Distribution’s overall environmental impact. Over the past year, the company has introduced further longer semi-trailers, bringing the total in service to 39, with a further five expected to enter service during this year.

The last year also saw the introduction of a unique ‘virtual warehouse’ system in conjunction with Tayto, which will eliminate an estimated 250 tonnes of CO2 from the supply chain in a year.

A number of pre-existing initiatives also continues to deliver carbon savings. The LGV fleet have operated on a Bandvulc remould tyre policy since 2011 and this yielded a carbon reduction of 498 tonnes in 2014 alone, while five LNG dual fuel vehicles operating for Unipart have cut their respective fuel use by 12 per cent and emissions by 10 per cent – a substantial reduction that is to be replicated with a further five LNG vehicles later this year.

Telematics have also now been deployed across the entire fleet, with valuable driving data being collated to provide drivers with individualised training to help them operate even more efficiently on the road, with a particular focus on reducing engine idling and consideration to vehicle speed.

Hecht concludes: “The past four years have seen us consistently boost the efficiency of our operations, and 2014 has been no exception, which is a phenomenal achievement considering we have grown our mileage by almost 10 per cent. But we’re not resting on our laurels – this year will see us introduce yet more efficient vehicles to the fleet and optimise energy use in our warehouses. But the message is clear – if you need innovative ways to cut the environmental cost of your supply chain, you can trust Bibby Distribution to deliver.”

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