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Bibby Distribution offering a Through-the-Night business-to-business delivery service

In today’s uncertain economy, delivering exceptional customer service is a fundamental part of customer retention and winning new business.

Leading logistics provider Bibby Distribution has been offering a ‘Through-the-Night’ business-to-business delivery service to a range of customers in the automotive sector for over 15 years and believes that now is the time for other sectors to benefit from what those in the auto trade have been enjoying for decades.

Bibby Distribution business development director Tony Mohan explains: "Many industries depend on high-value parts on a ‘just in time’ basis to negate the need to keep large volumes of key parts on-site yet striking a balance of keeping customers happy by providing fast repair and replacement services."

As well as automotive industries, Bibby Distribution believes such a service could be of benefit to white goods manufacturers and retailers providing warranty repairs and service, satellite and digital television installers, telecoms and engineering companies, even parts for essential services such as power generating plants, paper mills, the emergency services – in fact, anywhere that carries high consequential costs of failure.

The service can be utilised in any sector where customers require stock to be securely delivered to manned or unmanned delivery points prior to the start of the normal working day.

Bibby Distribution provides its customers with a sophisticated online ‘track and trace’ system which involves its drivers delivering high-value parts to premises and secure lock-ups before business hours so companies can minimise waiting time for customers and maximise engineer productivity.

Bibby Distribution believes that the high levels of accountability provided by the service makes it particularly attractive to clients, who cannot afford to leave engineers waiting to perform a maintenance task or for parts to go ‘missing’ en route.

Tony Mohan comments: "The phrase ‘the customer is king’ has never been more apt. For repairs, replacement or installation of equipment at home, many people must take time off work to wait for a technician, or may have to close premises while work takes place, and any last-minute change in plan can be a real inconvenience, as well as disastrous for your company’s reputation.

"Far better to know that goods will be where they are supposed to be, when they are supposed to be, so that you can get on with your job and the customer can get back to theirs."

Although currently only available to the automotive sector, Bibby Distribution foresees many other businesses ‘outsourcing their worry’ by taking on a ‘Through-the-Night’ service model.

Ray Duffey, senior manager of the Toyota Parts Centre GB, which has been using the ‘Through-the-Night’ delivery model for over 15 years, says: "With this service in place we can offer customers seamless service. Working with Bibby Distribution means we always have real-time visibility of order status and the knowledge that our products can be securely delivered often to the unmanned premises.

"Bibby Distribution has a caring family atmosphere, which complements Toyota’s values. Bibby delivers daily to 259 Toyota and Lexus centres throughout the UK, providing a top quality bespoke service appreciated by Toyota Logistics Services G.B. and our customers alike. Bibby’s consistent integrity and trustworthiness is invaluable."

To find out more about the range of logistics solutions offered by Bibby Distribution, please visit the new website: www.bibbydist.co.uk or call: 0151 794 1074

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