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Bibby Distribution Services announces 2013 financial results

Bibby Distribution Services (Holdings) is pleased to announce that it has increased its operating profit by £9.2m, from a 2012 loss of £3.9m to a 2013 profit of £5.3m. Turnover has remained steady at £252.4m in 2013 against £254.9m in 2012.

2013 has seen operational improvements and substantial new business for Bibby Distribution, coupled with general growth and efficiency improvements across the whole range of businesses.

The company has seen returnable packaging specialist PLS expand into Poland, after securing a significant five-year contract with global beverage can manufacturer Can-Pack S.A.

In domestic operations, Bibby Distribution has successfully retained and grown its existing contract distribution business, as well as securing new contracts. These include Mizkan, Douwe Egberts and significant successes in the retail and automotive sectors.

Bibby Distribution will also build on the successes of 2013 by further boosting operational efficiency. It has made a significant investment into a single transport management system, which will go live in 2014, replacing six legacy systems acquired as part of acquisitions made over the past three years.

Meanwhile, the establishment of Bibby International Logistics as a separate business within the company provides a firm foundation for consolidating and expanding its presence in the freight-forwarding sector.

Going forward, the business will have a new trading name in 2014 – Bibby Supply Chain Services – and will now also include Bibby Ship Management within its portfolio. The change is in response to overall growth in the business, which now encompasses an entire range of services, operating in nine countries including distribution and logistics services, recruitment, training and asset management. Bibby Ship Management provides marine solutions to the maritime industry including technical management, crewing, training and travel.

Bibby Supply Chain Services works as a centre of supply chain expertise within the Bibby Group, and will act as a ‘nursery’ for smaller businesses, which can use the internal demand, infrastructure, shared service centre and expertise to help them roll out services, attract quality management and target customers.

Iain Speak, CEO, Bibby Supply Chain Services, says: "We are pleased with our improved performance in 2013 and look forward to building upon that with the establishment of Bibby Supply Chain Services, which allows us to offer a wider range of services to our customers across a wider international basis."

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