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BIBUS reinvents the wheel

Industrial technology provider BIBUS (UK) is rolling out an innovative electric wheel to help move heavy loads, which offers major safety and efficiency benefits to the materials handling sector.

ez-Wheel, the first electric wheel with an integrated motor and batteries, provides power assistance for all types of factory and warehouse equipment, including materials roll cages, hand trolleys, carts and waste containers.
Thanks to the modular design of its integrated motor, power pack and wireless controls, ez-Wheel can be fitted quickly and easily to drive materials handling equipment – safely, cleanly and quietly.

There are cost-effective ez-Wheel solutions for transporting payloads of up to a tonne, in a wide range of indoor and outdoor operating environments. This makes moving heavy loads safe and comfortable for logistics workers and helps to protect them from strains and industrial injury.
ez-Wheel’s powerful low voltage motor and high start torque provide exceptional maneuverability up ramps and kerbs, while the integrated control system provides braking assistance as well as traction, making it safer for users to handle heavy loads on slopes.
ez-Wheel’s long-life nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH) battery pack gives reliable performance for prolonged periods of stop-start activity between mains charges, and its ability to operate over a wide temperature range makes it ideally-suited for cold chain logistics. Rugged, waterproof construction ensures optimum performance in all weathers and years of maintenance-free service.

Chris Liddiard, Director of BIBUS (UK), commented: "ez-Wheel is the perfect solution to comply with European Union pushing and pulling regulations.
"It takes the strain out of moving heavy goods and materials and brings significant benefits to the operator in productivity and reduced effort. The list of applications is endless while the range of motors, controllers and wheel mounts available makes retrofitting easy.

"Using equipment fitted with ez-Wheel is very similar to working with manual equipment and users take to it intuitively, with no special training required."

Other applications
ez-Wheel technology can drive all kinds of wheeled equipment used for transporting heavy loads or people.

As well as materials handling applications, ez-Wheel’s modular design makes it suitable for powering equipment in the healthcare, mobility, construction, distribution and leisure sectors, including hospital beds, wheelchairs, small electric vehicles, delivery bikes and trikes, golf carts and scooters.

Model ranges
ez-Wheel products are available in three model ranges:
• Series 160 models integrate a 70-watt motor and batteries in an extremely compact format. The 160mm diameter wheel is designed to fit under any low chassis, making it particularly suitable for retrofitting to hospital beds, wheeled cages and wheelie bins. Intended primarily for indoor use, its tough waterproof hub fairing protects all components from knocks and splashes. Series 160 wheels can move a 500kg payload at up to 5km/h (governable). They are available with wired or wireless controls and with internal or external batteries to allow connection of other electrical equipment.

• Series 300 models can be fitted immediately to any vehicle chassis or mobile equipment. No electrical linkage is needed, since the waterproof wheel is self-powered by the built-in battery and operated by wireless controls. Designed to move heavy loads indoors and out, the powerful 200-watt motor and 300mm diameter wheel provide exceptional torque clearance capability, and can transport loads of up to 1000kg at up to 12km/h if required, although speed is governable.

• Series 10" models feature a heavy-duty tyre on a 10-inch (255mm) diameter wheel rim and are specifically designed for outdoor applications, such as mobility scooters, small delivery vehicles, road sweeper’s carts and other urban service vehicles. ez-Wheel’s robust, modular design and wireless controls make it the perfect solution for applications where out-of-hours vandalism may be a problem. The powerful Series 10" 300-watt motor can propel a 150kg load at up to 20km/h (governable), with a range of 15km.

For further information:
Chris Liddiard, Director, BIBUS (UK) Limited
Telephone: +44 1628 533300

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