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Birmingham City Council to introduce Pay-as-You-Throw commercial waste services

Birmingham City Council has started to roll out a new fleet of high-tech vehicles that will enable it to charge its commercial waste customers by weight and, so by, adopting the increasingly in-vogue pay-as-you-throw pricing mechanism.

The Council’s new fleet of 16 trucks will come complete with the very latest technology in bin identification and weighing systems, supplied by MOBA; Europe’s leading provider of machine automation in the waste management sector. The technology will allow the council to precisely identify each bin loaded and accurately weigh it without any disruption to the operation of the collection process.

Ian Lewis, MOBA UK’s General Manager said, “An increasing number of municipalities are now seeing the benefits that bin weighing and RFID technology brings. This will not only make waste collection processes more transparent but it will also help to optimise them by reducing costs and even increasing revenue”.

“Every council in the UK is looking to find new ways to reduce their operating costs, and so by introducing bin weight measurement it will allow municipalities to more closely manage their customers and eliminate the overloading of bins. This will also allow them to have more meaningful conversations with their commercial customers about waste services better suited to their needs or, better still, to provide practical help to reduce the amount of waste they throw”.

MOBA’s bin recognition is extremely useful to councils, and even more so in a rural area, as it avoids the costs of sending back a wagon to collect a missed bin as well resolving disputes with customers who claim their bins have not been emptied.

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