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BITO extends RK series bins

BITO Storage Solutions has extended its RK series of plastic bins to include a new width option of 156 mm.

The 156 mm width is ideal for standard 1000 mm shelves, which can comfortably hold six RK bins of this width to make maximum use of the shelf space.

This new addition provides a mid-size bin in BITO's RK series alongside a narrow option (117 mm wide) and a broad width bin (234 mm). A choice of 300, 400, 500 and 600 mm depths are available to suit an array of different goods. Each has an external height of 90 mm that provides 80mm of useable internal capacity.

A choice of accessories such as longitudinal dividers, cross dividers with dove-tailed base and lids/dust covers is offered across the complete the range to offer an ideal storage solution for all kinds of goods.

The wide range of options means makes the BITO RK series suitable for safe storage of unit loads, as well as of bulk goods, such as small parts, or for small items susceptible to damage such as CDs and DVDs. The new 156 mm wide bin with a 300 mm depth, for example, holds exactly 24 or 48 CDs (depending on outer packing).

RK bins can be equipped with a safety handle, to provide a 'drawer function'. Fitted with a spring mechanism, the safety handle lowers automatically when the bin is pushed into the shelf without the need of inserting the bin at a very steep angle, which is very helpful if the bin is filled with bulk goods.

In addition to shelving, The RK bin is suitable for use in horizontal and vertical carousels in a variety of applications including distribution and manufacturing.

Manufactured from high quality polypropylene and offering many extra features means the high-tech BITO RKs offer a long service life.


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