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BITO Storage Systems brings remote-controlled, battery-powered pallet handling vehicle

The PROmotion Shuttle is a remote-controlled, battery-powered pallet handling vehicle that operates in pallet racking. Developed by storage specialist BITO-Lagertechnik and available in the UK through its Nuneaton-based subsidiary, BITO Storage Systems Ltd, this new vehicle ensures continuous and efficient infeeding and outfeeding of pallets into a storage lane and keeps track of stock movements. It can transform standard pallet racking into semi-automatic pallet racking.

Smooth material flow, minimised floor space occupation, maximum utilisation of storage volume and immediate product availability are critical for logistics productivity and efficiency. To improve on these points, many companies opt for storage facilities featuring lanes to stock more than one load carrier on the same racking level and in the same racking bay.

Compared to standard racking facilities, which stock only one load carrier per bay and level, lane storage – such as drive-in, push-back or as live storage systems – increases storage capacity by reducing the space required for service aisles.

Giving a higher storage efficiency, the shuttle is ideal for infeeding, relocating and outfeeding load carriers into lanes. This is why it has become the solution of choice for servicing fully automated bin storage facilities. Recognising the benefit of this concept, BITO-Lagertechnik Bittmann GmbH in Meisenheim (Germany) can now enhance their PRO static pallet racking system with the PROmotion shuttle solution.

The PROmotion shuttle is a battery-powered, lane-bound vehicle. Routed by remote control, the shuttle feeds pallets in and out of the lane in which it is operating. Moving on purpose-built guide rails, the shuttle ‘drives’ up and down the lane on its own, i.e. without a connected additional carrier vehicle, and it can be relocated into another lane with a conventional fork lift truck.

The shuttle is powered by a lithium-ion-battery, offerering the advantages of no memory effect, little self-discharge and high energy density. Recharged batteries have a working period of up to 12 hours and also operate in deepfreeze environments.

The PROmotion System is generally suitable for LIFO (Last In – First Out) handling processes and covers all aspects that contribute to improved efficiency, including: undisrupted pallet infeeding and outfeeding, stock control and compact storage by continuously monitoring occupied and available storage positions. Programming is easy and flexible and the system allows intuitive and safe servicing. Operation is fast and silent. Sophisticated control and safety technology also allows FIFO (First In – First Out) operation with two PROmotion shuttles in the same lane. Moreover, the system can be switched from LIFO to FIFO operation as required.

Because shuttle-serviced shelving or racking installation falls into the machine category, the EC machinery directive applies and BITO has enhanced the PROmotion system with innovative safety technology, which has been developed in cooperation with the German Berufsgenossen-schaften (Accident Prevention and Insurance Association). This includes a two-person safety scanner similar to the mobile operator safety devices used on narrow aisle trucks and driverless transport systems.

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