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BITO’s new 53 litre container keeps quiet on conveyors

The new 53 litre capacity BITOBOX XLmotion plastic container’s base features diagonal support ribbing. This ensures silent travelling on conveyors and also gives excellent rigidity.

The new XLmotion’s wider base (389 mm instead of the broader European standard size base of 363 mm) can rest on narrower seats (57 mm instead of 70 mm) within an Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS). This reduces the amount of steel required and thus allows a more cost efficient system design. The XLmotion can also be adapted for use in any design of AS/RS. External dimensions are 599 mm (length) x 399 mm (container width) x 270 mm (height). Height options of 220 and 320 mm will be available from March. The container’s load capacity is 50 kg and stacking load is 250 kg.

Allinexpensive, slim yet robust dividers. Containers can be divided by width and/or by length to give, a container with anything from two to 16 compartments.

Other options for this container include: drainage holes in the base or sides; ribbing adapted to a specific application; available with open or moulded grip holes on the short side; containers can be divided side-to-side as well as front-to-back.

Accessories include a drop-on lid with snap lock, which does not add to the container height and will not come off when handling speed is increased; cross dividers; and longitudinal dividers.

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