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Bobcat launches new Sand Cleaner attachment

Bobcat launches new Sand Cleaner attachment Sand Cleaner

Bobcat has launched the company’s new SC200 Sand Cleaner attachment for use with the Bobcat compact tracked loader (CTL) range.

Designed for work on wet and dry surfaces, the new SC200 Sand Cleaner is compatible with both the standard and high flow versions of the Bobcat T590, T650, T770 and T870 CTL models. Adding to over 70 different attachment families already available from Bobcat, the new Sand Cleaner opens up an array of new applications to the already wide portfolio that can be carried out by Bobcat Tool Carriers combined with Bobcat attachments.

With a working width of 1900 mm, a working depth of up to 200 mm and a bucket capacity of 350 l, the Bobcat Sand Cleaner is a high performance attachment which allows the loader operator to quickly sift sand/soil and collect debris as small as cigarette stubs. As well as cigarette stubs, the Sand Cleaner can also pick up other small debris such as bottle caps, broken glass, pieces of wood, cans, rocks, plastic bags, syringes and seaweed.

The Sand Cleaner is therefore ideal for use on public and private beaches; holiday resorts; playground maintenance; sports fields (including beach volleyball and beach soccer); horse racing tracks; farms and in the recycling/sorting industry.

Capable of covering a large area at a rate of up to 15000 m²/h, the high productivity offered by the Bobcat Sand Cleaner is complemented by the high discharge capability provided by the lift arms on the loader and the hydraulic hopper gate on the attachment, allowing the debris to be easily dumped into a waiting truck.

The short cycle time and high productivity of the Bobcat loader and Sand Cleaner package provides a solution that costs half as much as a dedicated machine for the same application.  The compact size of the loader and its unmatched manoeuvrability give the operator the ability to work around fixed obstacles and to reach isolated locations where access is difficult or where approach can only be made down small access roads.

Complete Cleaning Solution

In addition, the use of other attachments in the Bobcat range with the loader and Sand cleaner combination can provide a complete all-round cleaning solution. For example, by using the Bobcat Root Grapple attachment on the loader before the Sand Cleaner, the operator can pick up larger material and debris before finishing the job with the Sand Cleaner. A Bobcat Angle Broom or Sweeper attachment can also be used to remove sand from nearby roads.

When equipped with the Sand Cleaner attachment, the Bobcat loader provides an integrated solution with fingertip controls and speed management for highly efficient operation. The deluxe control panel on the loader allows usage to be tracked and the HVAC system in the loader ensures a comfortable work environment for the operator.

Maximum controllability and maximum performance are ensured by a combination of hydraulic depth control; the hydraulic bucket discharge; ACD control; interchangeable grids (4 sizes); a back blade for a nice finish; a diverter valve/drain line and an auto-lubricating bearing seal for a maintenance-free design.

Free ‘World of Attachments’ App

Every Bobcat attachment is designed and manufactured for a perfect fit with matching Bobcat loaders for optimum job performance, dependability and durability, providing cost and productivity advantages for multiple applications on work sites, keeping required investment down and minimising the amount of manpower and machinery required.

To help customers find the right Bobcat attachment and tool carrier for their application,  Bobcat has developed the new ‘World of Attachments’ app, which is available in 26 languages as a free download for iOS and Android tablets on the App Store and Google Play Store. Bobcat is aiming to have the free download for the PC version of the app available shortly.

All Bobcat compact loaders are equipped with the quick-change Bob-Tach attachment mounting system, allowing them to be combined quickly and safely with several hundred different Bobcat attachments, delivering versatility and time-saving efficiency across a huge range of different applications. The Bob-Tach system can quickly and easily replace a bucket with pallet forks, a landscape rake, a backhoe, an auger, a grapple or a host of other attachments.

This unique design also ensures hydraulic attachment changes are carried out quickly and smoothly. Trapped line pressure can make attachment changes anything but quick. So Bobcat loaders come with a handy feature to release trapped pressure. By simply pushing the coupler inward, the hydraulic oil is released through a return line back into the machine. The result is clean, quick attachment changes time after time.

Bobcat also offers the optional Power Bob-Tach™ system, whereby the operator can change non-hydraulic attachments without even leaving the cab. This is activated by a switch on the control panel, which raises and lowers the Bob-Tach levers hydraulically, increasing the versatility and productivity of all Bobcat compact loaders.

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