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Bobcat Launches New Steel Tracked Versions of Three Largest Compact Tracked Loader Models

Bobcat has launched new steel tracked versions of the T250, T300 and T320, the three largest models in the company’s compact tracked loader range. The new factory-fit steel track options are an alternative to the conventional rubber tracked configurations, allowing the machines to work in conditions that are unsuitable for rubber track work.

These include the arduous applications found in markets such as demolition, scrap metal recycling and waste treatment. The steel tracks also facilitate work on rocky and abrasive soils, as well as breaking and clearing concrete/asphalt surfaces and working on slopes and in forests where the loaders provide better traction and increased ground adherence.

The steel-tracked versions of the Bobcat compact tracked loaders are unique in the marketplace. Thanks to their ability to work with over 40 different attachments in a wide variety of applications, Bobcat steel tracked loaders offer very versatile alternatives to crawler dozers which can only be used for bulldozing applications. With a 1.87 m machine width, all three steel-tracked machines have a better turning ability than larger tracked machines.

The steel tracks, which are 340 mm wide, offer up to three times the track life of rubber tracks in heavy duty applications. Compared to the rubber tracked versions, the steel tracked T250, T300 and T320 models have an increase in operating weight of approximately 280 kg each and provide a 37-45% increase in pushing force across all three models.

In addition to excellent traction, the steel tracked machines offer high digging power and good dozing and grading capabilities, allowing work to be completed more quickly, particularly in more strenuous conditions. The machines are ideal for work in general construction and rocky conditions, site development, rock blasting areas and so on.

Contributing to the increased track life are long life track components; a sealed and lubricated chain; forged idlers and rollers and hardened shoes, resistant to bending and breaking. The sealed and lubricated chain has a 50% reduction in internal bushing wear, a quieter operation and lower fuel consumption than the sealed only chain. The lubrication also reduces resistance compared to the sealed only chain. Other aspects include triple grouser track shoes for a smoother ride; the 34 cm wide pads providing a good balance between traction and flotation. Easy cleanout is offered by the angled top plates, with an open area around the sprocket and under the top roller.

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