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Boom Conveyor Promises Supreme Reliability

Sovex has today unveiled its latest telescopic boom conveyor. TL3-7.5-15-600 features a special boom guidance system, which keeps the telescopic sections straight as they extend and retract, prolonging belt life. TL3-7.5-15-600 is extremely reliable, and users benefit from reduced maintenance and lower associated costs.

TL3-7.5-15-600 extends 15m, allowing workers to load and unload trailers up to 13.5m long safely and effectively. It features deep telescopic sections, which provide strength and stability, and a system of cover plates that guard the underside of the machine. This protects workers from the mechanism and means TL3-7.5-15-600 complies with BS EN 619, a major European safety directive.

In addition to full underguarding, TL3-7.5-15-600 incorporates a range of other safety features. This includes front LED lighting for visibility in dark trailers, heavy-duty impact plate, roller shrouds to eliminate nipping points, switched pop-out rollers to reduce the risk of entrapment, and emergency stop controls.

Malcolm Dooley, Operations Director at Sovex, is delighted to introduce the product to UK customers; “TL3-7.5-15-600 offers exceptional strength and reliability, making it ideal for parcel handling companies that subject their conveying equipment to strenuous workloads. It is user-friendly, cost effective, and easy to install. TL3-7.5-15-600 will be popular with companies looking for a high-performance conveyor system.”

TL3-7.5-15-600 runs at speeds of 0.5m per second, and is available with a 600mm or 800mm wide belt. Various options are available, including a high-level or traversing chassis, operator platform, and a front extension known as a 'droop snoot', which workers can adjust to suit their loading position.

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