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Boost your manpower with Midland Pallet Trucks’ electric lifting options

Businesses that can go the hard yards rake in the extra cash, it’s as simple as that. Midland Pallet Trucks is helping enterprises boost their manpower with a premium range of electric and semi-electric trucks. With a commitment to premium quality equipment at fair prices, the Midlands based company is the go-to retailer for Britain’s best range of electric lifters.

Industrial factories, warehouses and other hands on workplaces rely on a range of different equipment to get the job done. When manual lifting equipment just won’t cut it, Midland Pallet Trucks is urging businesses to supercharge their productivity and invest in the power and convenience of electric trucks, lift tables and stackers.

As well as being functional, having electric and semi-electric lifting equipment on hand is also a safety essential for any workplace handling heavy items. The latest statistics from the Health and Safety Executive reveal just how important it is to have the right equipment, with analysts reporting that in the 2013/14 period, 24% of reported injuries were caused by handling incidents. The category encompasses injuries due to lifting, carrying, pushing and pulling heavy loads, as well as strains, sprains and trapped limbs while handling goods. This resulted in a huge 909,000 lost working days. While some handling injuries are unavoidable, a large majority are caused by employees handling good without the right equipment. For businesses wanting to keep employees safe and injury free, investing in electric and semi-electric trucks capable of lifting heavy loads is critical.

Phil Chesworth, Managing Director of Midland Pallet Trucks, says, “Manual lifting equipment is all very well however when it comes to safety, functionality and power, electric and semi-electric machinery simply can’t be rivalled.”

For site managers on the search for a top of the range solution the 1000kg 3.0m Semi Electric Stacker Truck (SPM1030W) is just the ticket. Constructed with a robust steel profile construction, powered by a 1500W 12v electric motor with built in charger and boasting a lifting speed of 90mm per second, it delivers the grunt when it’s needed most. An adjustable fork allows for different sized pallets to be easily lifted which offers users the ultimate in mechanical flexibility. And at just £2940 including VAT, it’s an affordable investment for any business.

Starting from £1770 including VAT, the range of electric lift platforms is a must browse category for any business wanting to boost the safety and efficiency of production line and assembly applications. The ETF30 Electric Scissor Lift Table 300kg (ETF30 Electric Scissor lift table) is another piece of equipment that comes highly recommended by the Midland Pallet Trucks team, credited for its impressive lift height of 880mm, heavy duty powder coated steel construction, maintenance free rechargeable battery and hand operated table descent control.

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