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BOP Systems give Keppel Fels a lift

JD Neuhaus, the world’s leading manufacturer of air hoists, has been awarded a contract to supply BOP handling systems for five jack-up oilrigs to Keppel Fels, Singapore. The air driven systems will feature a carrying capacity of 120 tons and consist of two JDN EH 60 monorail hoists, each with four chain falls.

One of the major factors that secured the contract was the JDN motor brake release design, which allows the BOP stack to be lowered with accurate speed control in the event of air supply failure. In these circumstances, the brake system is released and the hoist limits the speed to the maximum that would occur under normal operating conditions. This innovative design compares extremely favourably with hydraulic systems that would require the additional cost of a relief valve to allow BOP stack lowering on supply failure.

JDN monorail hoists are specifically suited for the offshore industry or where heavy loads have to be transported in confined spaces. Load capacities range from 10 to 115 tons per unit, although they can be deployed as double lifting gear, working in parallel such as in the BOP handling system contract for Keppel Fels, or in tandem connected by a coupling rod. The latter arrangement is ideal for applications such as handling grinding rollers in the cement industry.

A major feature of air-driven BOP handling systems supplied by JD Neuhaus is their ability to operate safely in dangerous conditions or hazardous/explosive atmospheres. The units are also insensitive to dust, humidity and temperatures between –20 and +70ºC. Other advantages include a low maintenance vane motor, low headroom, favourable air consumption, anti-climb and anti-drop devices, and a control unit featuring an emergency shut-off valve. Optional extras include increased protection against metallic sparking, dual driving speeds, filter silencer and overload protection.

Further information on Bop system hoists is available from:
J D Neuhaus Ltd, 8 Herald Business Park, Golden Acres Lane, Coventry CV3 2SY
Telephone:02476652500 Fax:02476652555
e-mail:info@jdneuhaus.co.uk www.jdneuhaus.co.uk

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