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Boxing clever at Barton Fabrications
Kevin Shaw: Warehouse Mgr with moulded boxes and polypropylene feedstock silos

Boxing clever at Barton Fabrications

Two 100 ton Barton Fabrications silos have been installed at the Really Useful Products Ltd’s new production facility in Castleford. The global company, which operates in thirteen countries, is experiencing increased demand for its plastic storage boxes manufactured in sizes ranging from 0.07 litres to 145 litres.

The two silos store essential polypropylene raw material feedstock used in the injection moulding process as part of the production of the polymeric boxes.

Commenting on the silo installation, Mike Pickles CEO of Really Useful Products Ltd said:
“Growing demand has meant expansion, including building a new factory. We chose Barton Fabrication’s silos for our storage solution based on our past track record of using the company. As experts in their field, we knew Barton would deliver what was required. The installation process went very smoothly and we are very happy with the silos.”

Barton Fabrications is the UK’s largest supplier of aluminium silos: vessels and blenders are produced which are suitable for a wide range of both virgin and recycled plastic feedstock.

Really Useful Products’s storage boxes are an innovative range of containers manufactured by the company in the UK and USA – each box is supplied with a separate lid, which can be held securely in place by a locking member attached to the box itself.

For more details on Barton Fabrications’ silo solutions, contact Mark Barton:-
Tel: +44 (0) 1275 845901
E-mail: sales@bartonfabs.co.uk Web: www.bartonfabs.co.uk

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