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BP McKeefry’s new ‘Recycler’ is cleaning up in City-of-the-Moment, London

Specialist Tanker Operator, BP McKeefry Ltd, has recently introduced a completely unique truck and tanker combination to their Basingstoke-based fleet for operation in Inner London.

The Volvo FH-540 8×2 rear-steer rigid and specialist tanker joins a total BP McKeefry Group fleet of 100 trucks and 200 tankers. It is thought to be the first-ever FH 8×2 rigid ever supplied by Dennison Commercials, the Volvo Truck & Bus Dealer for Northern Ireland.

The new specialist equipment, known within B.P. McKeefry as ‘The Recycler’ has been designed and purpose-built by Crossland Tankers Ltd in conjunction with B.P. McKeefry and Dennison Commercials / Volvo Trucks.

"The sales function within Dennison Commercials really came to the party when specifying and designing this vehicle. We initially went out to the market with our proposed concept, but Volvo came back with the most detail on the technical side, which aided us in making informed decisions and gave us confidence in their ability to deliver", commented Peter Esler, Managing Director of BP McKeefry Ltd.

With regard to the technical specification, a number of ECU modifications were carried out and the 540 hp was opted for as it is required to drive a number of features on the tanker, including the HPT High Pressure Jetting Pump and Liquid Ring Vacuum pump. The jet system can pump 500 litres per minute at 200 bar pressure and a vacuum pump operates at 1820 cubic feet per minute suction rate. The equipment was purposely designed as multi-functional, including sewer/culvert cleaning, wet-well cleaning, gully/soakaway emptying, interceptor waste removal, blockages clearance, spillage clear ups, root cutting, and beany block cleaning. And if that isn’t impressive enough, this new machine also has ADR certification for hazardous chemical use.

The ‘Recycler’ is so-called because the in-built system recycles water that is taken in and then filters it so that it can be recirculated and reused for jetting. The total tank capacity is 15,000 litre, with 13,500 litres of capacity for recycled water and 1,500 for clear water.

This recycling functionality has unique benefits for operators, the general public and the environment. Being used in City of London, the fact that the tank can recycle water means that it does not need to be constantly moved from the location that it is operating to be refilled. This consequently means that work can be carried out more efficiently, there is less disruption to other road users and of course, is more cost-effective to run. The environmental benefits are also significant considering the recycling of water and reduction in required vehicle movements.
A Volvo FH was specified for this equipment instead of the Company’s typical FM420 6×2 models because the unit is operated by a two-man crew who may be required to sleep in the truck overnight. The XL cab includes two beds and has been specified with a ‘Driving+’ package, which includes features for enhanced operator safety and comfort. The vehicle is also fitted with Volvo’s celebrated I-shift automated transmission.

Because BP McKeefry consider drivers to be the Company’s greatest and most visible asset, driver training is continually invested in, and in fact the crew operating The Recycler are fully trained in confined space entry (CP2), New Roads and Street Works Act 1991 (NRSWA) and Signing and Lighting (Chapter 8).

‘The Recycler’ was one of the first vehicles in the fleet to receive the striking new livery that has been introduced to the BP McKeefry fleet in 2012, which was aimed at reinforcing the Company’s professional and progressive image.

Mr Esler explained with pride how well the new machinery has been received and described The Recycler a "home-grown success story" – a massive investment, coupled with the ability to design and build the unit in conjunction with Crossland Tankers Ltd, resulting in the Company being able to compete in new markets and those that they are keen to develop in future.

BP McKeefry operates six depots throughout the UK and Ireland, with head office in Swatragh, Northern Ireland.

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