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bpi films announces enhanced range for Logistics Link North 2009

This year’s Logistics Link North event looks set to be one of the biggest yet for bpi.films. At the 2009 show, which runs from the 13th to the 14th October at Doncaster Racecourse, the leading manufacturer of pallet stretch, shrink and converter films will use its stand (Stand 515) to launch not one but three brand new additions to the popular Wrapsmart hand film range:

Wrapsmartblue – This innovative hand film offers the performance of a standard 14 micron (mµ) product but from a film that is only 7mµ. Wrapsmartblue is specifically designed for use within the food industry and employs a distinctive blue tint to aid the easy identification of food products and to help minimise accidental food contamination.

Wrapsmartblack – At only 9mµ, Wrapsmartblack benefits from a black tint which enables pallets to be easily identified throughout the supply chain. Additionally it helps to disguise valuable pallet contents and to make loads tamper evident.

Wrapsmartsubzero – A downgauged 7mµ film, Wrapsmartsubzero has been created to meet the challenging demands of chilled distribution and storage. Thanks to its unique formulation, it has the ability to perform for sustained periods at temperatures down to -25°C without any loss of tack, performance or subsequent load integrity.

All three of the new products build on the success of the manufacturer’s existing Wrapsmartultra handwrap. By utilising similar advances in polymer science and extrusion technology, they are able to offer all the performance of a 14 micron (mµ) film but from a film profile that’s up to half that thickness.

The ultimate outcome of this impressive downgauging is that less film by weight is required to wrap loads and so less packaging waste is created. Plus, this reduced waste can even be reprocessed rather than sent to landfill as all of the films within the Wrapsmart range are 100% recyclable.

Aside from these strong environmental credentials, the Wrapsmart range also provides major gains in efficiency.

Their thinner gauge allows a greater meterage of film to be wound onto a standard reel compared to conventional handfilm. Not only does this cut back on the number of film deliveries required and associated vehicle emissions, it also reduces the amount of time and effort spent on ordering and dealing with deliveries at goods inward.

In addition, the greater length of film per reel enables more pallets to be wrapped with fewer stoppages for reel changes, maximising operator time. Operators also benefit from the fact that all Wrapsmart films – the new additions included – are pre-stretched. This makes them easier to apply and reduces the risk of strain or injury.

As well as promoting new products, bpi.films will also use Logistics Link North 2009 to showcase a number of its on-going service initiatives. This includes its unique Wrap Audits.

Introduced by the manufacturer to help customers reap the full advantages of the latest film technology and application techniques, these free audits include an assessment of a customer’s stretchfilm choice and pallet wrapping methods before offering best practice advice. This advice invariably cuts the user’s packaging costs, material usage and waste stream contribution.

Speaking of the planned appearance, Louise Aplin, Marketing Manager at bpi.films, said: "The Logistic Link events are always important to bpi.films as they allow us to get face-to-face with logistics professionals who are some of our most valued customers. In particular, this year’s Logistics Link North exhibition looks set to be especially remarkable due to the sheer volume of new things we are able to talk about.

"Whether you’re looking to discover products that can benefit both your business and the environment or you’d like to explore how we could save you money, a visit to our stand is a must."

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