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bpi.films, manufacturer of pallet stretch, shrink and er films, extends its range of greener products

bpi.films, the leading manufacturer of pallet stretch, shrink and er films, has extended its range of greener products. As part of its commitment to providing ever more sustainable solutions, the pioneering business has just launched three, new, hand applied pallet stretchwraps, each targeting a different market sector and all benefiting from down gauged profiles.

The first, WrapsmartBlue, is designed for use with food products and employs a distinctive blue tint to aid the easy identification of food products and to help minimise accidental food contamination.

The second, WrapsmartBlack, benefits from a black tint and enables loads such as those containing a particular product line, of an urgent nature or destined for a certain location to be colour coded for instant recognition. It also helps to disguise valuable pallet contents and to make loads tamper evident.

And the third new product, WrapsmartSubzero, has been specifically created to meet the challenging demands of chilled distribution and storage. Thanks to its unique formulation, it has the ability to perform successfully for sustained periods at temperatures down to -25°C without any loss of tack or performance – a criticism frequently levelled at many films destined for cold chain use.All three of the new products build on the success of bpi.films’ highly popular Wrapsmartultra stretchwrap, which is now being used internationally and by major names in both retailing and logistics. These latest additions to the Wrapsmart family draw on the same advanced polymer science and extrusion technology to offer all the performance of a 14 micron (m) film but from a considerably thinner gauge. WrapsmartBlue and WrapsmartSubzero are actually 7m thick, whilst WrapsmartBlack is 9m thick.

The net result of this impressive downgauging is that less film by volume is required to wrap a given load and so less packaging waste is created. Plus, this reduced waste can even be reprocessed rather than sent to landfill as WrapsmartBlue, WrapsmartBlack and WrapsmartSubzero are all 100% recyclable.

A further benefit to the thinner gauge of the three new products is the ability to wind more film onto a standard reel in comparison to a conventional handfilm. Not only does this reduce the number of deliveries and associated vehicle emissions, it also provides further efficiencies.

More film per reel means users can expect to spend less time ordering film and dealing with it at goods inward. It also enables more pallets to be wrapped with fewer stoppages for reel changes, maximising operator time. Furthermore, as all three new products are pre-stretched, they are easier to apply, reducing the risk of strain or injury to personnel.

Speaking of the new products, Louise Aplin, Marketing Manager at bpi.films, said: "As part of BPI plc, Europe’s largest producer of polythene films, bags and sacks, bpi.films is able to harness considerable expertise, infrastructure and resources to develop more environmentally friendly solutions to both new and existing packaging challenges.

"It’s this approach that enabled us to create WrapsmartBlue, WrapsmartBlack and WrapsmartSubzero. All three products bring specific benefits to different market sectors and allow customers to enjoy the many benefits of polythene transit packaging such as its light weight and enormous versatility – and in a more sustainable way."

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