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bpi stretchfilms launch Bontite new range of blown pallet stretchwrap

Leading manufacturer of polythene transit packaging, bpi.stretchfilms has launched Bontite – a new range of blown pallet stretchwrap that offers all of the benefits of blown films but with the key benefits of cast technology. Specifically these new products employ a proprietary blend of polymers that provide exceptional film clarity whilst being quieter in use.

Louise Aplin, Marketing Manager at bpi.stretchfilms, explains: "Blown film remains a popular choice for pallet stretchwrapping because of its inherent strength and impressive resistance to punctures and tears. Aware that many films are used in fast paced logistics and warehousing operations we moved to develop a film which has all the strength of a blown product but which is also endowed with the presentation qualities and low noise levels associated with cast film."

"Having a low unwind noise level, the Bontite range contributes to a quieter, more pleasant working environment and thanks to our innovative manufacturing process, it also offers high levels of film clarity which contribute to better pallet presentation and easier bar code scanning".

Bontite’s exceptional load holding forces surpass that of typically heavier gauge cast films and at lower stretch levels. This makes the Bontite range incredibly versatile and suitable for use on a wide variety of palletised products. It can be used to wrap heavy, irregular or awkward loads (e.g. those with sharp edges) as well as on lighter, easily crushable goods. Further enhancements in load integrity stem from Bontite’s versatile cling characteristics.

The films can be produced in various cling configurations in order to accommodate the different demands of individual customers and of specific stretchwrapping machines. These configurations include the option of either an inside or outside cling and of a high slip level on the non-cling face to help prevent inter-pallet adhesion.

Louise Aplin added: "As a business, bpi.stretchfilms strives for excellence, working hard to provide high quality products that deliver superior results. Bontite aims to deliver the best of both blown and cast stretch film and we are confident that we have taken the popular packaging medium of blown films and made it even better."

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