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Braby bulk storage systems install new silos for Loadhog returnable packaging

Braby, one of the UK’s largest suppliers of process systems and engineering solutions, have completed a project for Loadhog Ltd based in Sheffield.

Bristol-based Braby designed, manufactured and installed three new silos to store glass- reinforced polymer for Loadhog Ltd, producers of cost effective, environmentally friendly returnable packaging solutions. The innovative and award-winning company has combined two group businesses into one significantly larger facility.

The 7.5 metre high silos installed within the new Loadhog Ltd plant was a complex task due to the distance between the plant entry and final instillation position. Once inside, the silos were carefully manoeuvred around pillars and other integral structural objects using a synchronised forward facing mobile crane and reverse facing folk lift truck until they reached the final destination.

Limited headroom meant conventional methods to erect the silos could not be undertaken. Braby completed an alternative method by attaching lifting lugs to the lower side structure of the silo, not on top as is normal. With a crane using a straddling spreader bar the three silos were then individually positioned and installed onto their loadcell assemblies.

Glass reinforced polymer is a hard and abrasive matter that quickly wears standard pipelines, meaning the inclusion of reinforced pipe bends within the installation was crucial. The hardened bends offer increased durability and are larger and heavier than that of the standard offering to increase the lifespan of the filling system at the plant.

This complex installation took a total of two days to complete and also included a part-exchange of two of Loadhog Ltd’s existing silos.

Les Neath, Operations Director at Braby, commented:
"The installation was a complex one which was very challenging but rewarding for the team. It included careful dual cranage, building modifications and very specific criteria to be met for the completion."

Rob Deakin, Engineering Manager at Loadhog Ltd, commented:
"The end solution is very fitting for the new Loadhog Ltd building. It has ticked all the boxes."

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