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Braby Help Clean up Industry’s Act

Braby, one of the UK's largest manufacturers of stainless steel and aluminium silos, are working towards a cleaner environment by constructing chemical dosing test rigs for industrial waste. The test rigs which are skid mounted modular units are designed to remove pollutants and reduce landfill; preventing harmful chemical waste from being released into the surroundings.

The Beijing Olympics have focused the world's attention on dramatic images of towering smoke stacks. Whilst the Chinese Government has taken short-term action and banned all quarrying, cement production and construction projects from July to September, European industry plans to take permanent steps towards a greener future.

Braby are long term specialists in the storage, handling and dosing of materials and have undertaken several projects to solve some of the waste gas problems experienced by British industry.

Paul Mayer, Sales and Marketing Director at Braby comments: “New EU air quality regulations mean industries such as quarrying, incinerators and cement production, have to constantly monitor their impact on the environment from their waste processes.”

“The main purpose of the new technology is to provide a cleaner environment while supporting industry in utilising waste streams as fuels. The process eliminates waste by using it as fuel and reduces landfill. It is yet another example where industry is accepting responsibility and offering solutions for our future.”

Many industries are now using alternative fuels, such as tyres, waste and industrial by-products to power their processes. However, these cheaper, alternative sources of energy produce harmful waste gas streams, which if left untreated lead to serious pollution problems. To meet stringent European wide legislation, these pollutants must be cleaned before release into the atmosphere; and this is an area in which Braby has strived to develop key expertise.

To support their partners in industry, Braby have developed several test rigs across the country, in which trials of many commonly used compounds can take place before customers place long term investments. Examples of trial before installation have been found in both cement and incineration industries, where alternative fuels are used in the generation of energy and manufacture of products.

Their breadth of knowledge in handling storage transfer and accurately dosing materials with different flow characteristics has placed Braby's engineering ability as a key resource for those seeking assistance.

“Supporting customers who introduce new materials to their environmental process is a key part of Braby's offering,” discusses Paul Mayer: “Working in partnership with an organisation with the relevant experience gives customers reassurance that process changes they are using fully comply with EU regulations.”
By dosing various re-agents into gas streams and conducting reactions at temperature which change chemical composition, harmful pollutants can be removed from the waste stream. This method of dosing and adjustment is one of the key elements of this type of system and allows efficient usage of the reagent material and reduced running costs.

The test rigs, available for short term hire, can handle a wide range of material at various dosing rates. They can be run in manual mode, where rates per minute or hour are set, or alternatively the PLC control can adjust the feed rate as required, relative to gas monitor emission feed back.

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