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Braby install silos at Craemers new Telford Facility

Bristol-based Braby, the UK's leading manufacturer of aluminium and stainless steel silos and storage tanks, have successfully completed a contract to supply The Craemer Group of Germany with a silo system for the storage of Polypropylene.

The Craemer Group recently announced that it was to start manufacturing of injection moulded waste bins at its brand new factory in Telford this autumn. The company which produces the Kliko range of two-wheeled and four-wheeled bins, called on Braby to install four new silos which have also been equipped with a specially designed load cells system for accurate weighing. Dr Paul Corscadden of Craemer commented, “This is the first time that we have used load cell technology in our factories and we are extremely impressed with the results. The technology provides us with accurate figures that we feel we can rely on.

Braby supplied Craemer with four new 4.5 x 22m silos for storing polypropylene. The silos all feature Braby's new style plastic skirt doors which are ABS moulded and 100 per cent weather proof. The doors also have twin hinges and twin locks making them much less susceptible to damage or being stolen than the more traditional metallic doors. Paul Mayer, Sales and Marketing Director at Braby said, “The move into injection moulding at its Telford facility is a significant development for The Craemer Group. We were delighted to be awarded the contract and be able to use our expertise to assist the company's expansion.”

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