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Branding opportunities for fresh produce at the ‘CORR’ of new printing technology

Corrugated packaging manufacturers can help fresh produce suppliers respond quickly to changing market trends and boost brand visibility by capitalising on the innovative new digital printing technology on the market.

There is no doubt that growers are looking to add pizazz to the presentation of their products. Many commercially grown fruits and vegetables are indistinguishable from one another, making print and digital technology increasingly important for corrugated to compete with alternative packaging suppliers.

Corrugated is the most widely used form of packaging in the UK and has helped the fresh produce industry safely deliver goods to market for over a hundred years. The corrugated industry continually invests in new technologies to remain the safe and sustainable packaging solution for the fresh produce industry.

More packaging variety, personalisation and customisation are all great advantages that corrugated can now bring to the fresh produce sector with the latest state-of-the-art, cost effective digital printing. Short-term tailored print runs involving patriotic themes, seasonal celebrations and major events can now be completed.

Print on demand, high volume printing, regional marketing, last-minute changes and accelerated time to market are key factors that inspired new advances in the corrugated industry. SUN Automation Group®, a lead supplier in the corrugated industry, is leading the way with the launch of its CorrStream® digital printing technology.

Maximising packaging as a platform for communicating with consumers provides many exciting branding opportunities. Growers need creative packaging in order for their goods to stand out in the crowd.

New digital printers, such as the CorrStream Series 66, 40 and 20, provide the corrugated packaging industry with unrivalled output, reduced operating costs, efficiency and outstanding print quality, bringing inkjet sophistication to mainstream applications as a real alternative to conventional analogue methods.

CorrStream enables corrugated to bring an extra dimension for brand owners and retailers through striking graphics in smaller batch runs with no minimum order quantity. Inks are water-based and food-safe, which means there is no risk of contamination.

High Quality Post Print (HQPP) is already producing attractive shelf ready packaging (SRP) for an extensive range of fresh produce such as salad crops, exotic fruits and stone fruits. Interactive and multi-media packaging will also help brands achieve greater customer loyalty by allowing brands to offer consumers a plethora of services through their mobile devices.

Corrugated’s flat printable surface makes it ideal for Smartphone apps, QR codes and Augmented Reality (AR). By working with digital print specialists, the corrugated industry can have access to the most precise and effective technologies to handle shorter print runs, as well as the interactive tools that will meet the growing appetite from consumers for instant access to product information.

CorrStream’s CMYK digital printers allow graphics to press in hours instead of days, small or large production runs at speeds of up to 70m/min (4200 1m2 sheets per hour), personalisation and graphic changes, data merge capabilities and mass customisation.

With increasing demands from packaging buyers for shorter order run lengths, reduced stock, fast turnaround times and point of sale packaging, CorrStream is the first digital application to offer reliability and aqueous inks more familiar to box plants and their needs.

CorrStream’s single pass solution – one of the first in the world to use this technique – is the culmination of several years’ development work and brings much needed added value back to the corrugated industry, according to SUN Automation’s Global Product Manager for CorrStream, Sean Moloney.

He said: “The dynamics of packaging are changing fast. Corrugated packaging must create an exciting communication bridge between fresh produce suppliers and consumers by being much more than just a standard corrugated box. Digital printing offers cost-effective solutions for print on demand that delivers eye-catching graphics.”

Digital printing technology is providing the corrugated industry with another opportunity for growth by laying the foundation to take advantage of future innovation, especially when costs for intelligent packaging are likely to reduce as interactive technology becomes more readily available.

Fresh produce growers need packaging partners who can respond quickly to changing demands with the equipment and support needed for improved on-shelf experience – digital printing can help the corrugated industry do all this and more.

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