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Brevini Power Transmission multi format medium to high torque gearboxes

Brevini Power Transmission now manufactures and supplies the most comprehensive range of multi-format medium-to-high torque gearboxes in the industry. With a number of solutions available, Brevini is confident that it can supply customers with a unique and ideal solution for nearly every conceivable power transmission requirement.

Dave Brown, Brevini Sales Manager, comments: "Our four product groups can each be engineered to meet the criteria of most applications, this level of flexibility means that most customers take delivery of a unique solution that has been created for their needs."

Brevini Power Transmissions is one of the European leaders in the field of manufacturing power transmission equipment. The company has invested heavily in R&D across its four main product lines: Planetary Gears, PIV Drives, Winch Drives and Posiplan Gears. It now has one of the most comprehensive and flexible ranges of medium and high torque gearboxes in Europe with engineering capabilities to customise products to match customers exact requirements.

Brevini has developed a very extensive range of high-performance planetary gearboxes that are suitable for a number of harsh environments Brevini’s planetary gearboxes are capable of reduction ratio’s of 3-10:1 per stage. The addition of multiple stages can result in very high reduction (to > 15,000:1) whilst keeping the system relatively compact. The modular and optimised design means that solutions are very cost effective and available on short delivery times while being extremely flexible in terms of mounting options and accessories. Brevini will be extending the torque ratings of this range to nominal torques greater than two million Nm.

The purely helical / bevel-helical gearboxes manufactured by Brevini’s PIV division provide operators with the highest levels of performance, reliability and flexibility. Its modular range of POSIRED 2 precision helical / bevel-helical units enables most standard drive problems to be solved off-the-shelf, which creates savings in both time and cost. Other PIV products include POSIREX and POSITWIN, single and twin screw extruder drive gearboxes for high thrust loads in the plastic and rubber industry and the POSIROSS LN bevel gearboxes which are predominantly used in the packaging and printing industry.

Brevini Winches manufactures compact, high torque planetary geared winch units which deliver high power with a relatively low weight. The modularity of Brevini’s planetary design has provided much scope for space saving on the winch designs as it enables the cable winding drum to be combined as an integral part of the speed reducer system.

The PIV Posiplan range of gearboxes is a truly innovative hybrid between planetary and helical / bevel-helical gearing. The gearbox employs planetary stages at the input end combined with a final helical stage at the, high torque output side. The result is a hybrid gearbox offering the best of both worlds and delivering far higher capacities from smaller units, allowing a reduction in size, or a significant increase in capacity over a more traditional design. The PIV Posiplan design is unique to Brevini; its design was made possible by the company’s expertise in both planetary and helical / bevel-helical gears.

Design, specification, assembly and remanufacturing / maintenance services are available for the entire Brevini Power Transmission range. Operated from Brevini Engineering Centres here in the UK, one at the UK HQ based in Warrington and the heavy engineering works in Scunthorpe.

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