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Brian Yeardley hits high point as Krone Trailers deliver to new markets

Brian Yeardley Continental, the leading international transport and logistics operator, reports record business levels which, says the company include up to 100% growth in its chosen new market sector: Exhibitions & Events Logistics.

With its 40th anniversary approaching next year, Brian Yeardley expects to see a 10-15% uplift in its traditional European full load and Groupage business and expects to double turnover in its new European Exhibition and Events Logistics division. Overall income has rocketed from circa £8m in 2010 to over £12m in 2014.

The company’s heavy investment in its fleet during 2014 has included the recent addition of 20 Mega curtainsiders and 4 Mega box vans from Krone Trailers, which brings the total Krone compliment to 55. A reflection, the company says, of increased activity across its two core business sectors.

Specialist personnel with long experience in the event logistics industry have also joined the Yeardley team to bring first-hand knowledge and skills to the new division.

“As we move into our 40th year” comments Managing Director Kevin Hopper “we continue to look for new markets and fresh opportunities – a policy which has underpinned our growth record over recent years and one which will see us go from strength to strength, here in the UK and in markets overseas.”

The 100 x m3 Krone Mega Box Liners are constructed from high strength insulated panels, which makes them ideal for handling high value and sensitive exhibition and event equipment. Twin decks can accommodate 52 standard or 66 euro pallets for general cargo and the double decks are ideal for steel deck, truss rigging and are set within a 22.500kg payload. The trailers’ stable inside temperature also makes them ideal for carrying IBCs and crated goods for the chemicals industry – a sector within which Yeardley is a major operator across Europe.

For added security the Box Liners are fitted with Krone’s unique door locking system which is alarmed and fitted with a telematics monitoring device. To ensure maximum security and further load protection, the trailers are also equipped with stowable loading ramps for loading or unloading at events venues.

The mega curtainsiders or Profi Liner Mega trailers will be used for Yeardley’s general haulage and Groupage operations in the UK and Europe, while at the same time doubling up for the events division when needed. Also high volume, at 100 x m3, the curtainsiders feature Krone’s award-winning Multi Lock strapping system, which has up to 130 lashing points along each side rave. This enables virtually any sized load to be individually strapped, securely and safely anywhere along the trailer bed and is therefore ideal for mixed loads, including white goods and automotive parts – typical cargo for Yeardley’s international Groupage work.

For additional security and load protection, the curtains are reinforced with a steel, armour core which makes them anti-slash. All the trailers are built to code EN 12642-XL – the stringent European standard for vehicle body construction.

“From Barcelona to Berlin and Aberdeen to Amsterdam, at festivals and events throughout Europe, our customers not only require maximum volume, safe loading and reliability but also depend on the highest levels of load security,” adds Hopper, “We made this clear during the specification stage and Krone certainly delivered the right equipment for the job.”

Also about to join Yeardley’s 43 high profile truck fleet are two more Mercedes Benz Actros Euro 6 480 BHP Gigaspace LHD units. Half of Brian Yeardley’s fleet are now Mercedes and DAF Euro 6 – engined tractors, ensuring they are working to do everything they can to help the environment.

“This is going to be our best ever trading year in the company’s 40 year history” said Kevin Hopper “the opportunities are out there and we intend to take them. With a combination of premier transport equipment with quality systems and a first rate team of committed people, we have no doubt that our customers, both regional and global; will continue to receive the high standard of service which they expect from Brian Yeardley Continental.”

Established in 1975 and based in West Yorkshire, Brian Yeardley Continental provides full load and Groupage services, including Hazardous (ADR) goods, for both import and exports throughout the UK and Mainland Europe plus, the company now offers a pan European Exhibition & Events Logistics service.

Hopper concluded “Our new branding really does say it all as regards what we do, the places we go and the service we give our clients – “GOING FURTHER FOR YOU.”

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