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Brit European Group companies work in tandem to stop fuel theft

Faced with the challenge of fuel theft, two members of the Brit European Group independently set about finding a solution and both ended up selecting the TruckProtect solution.

Brit European performs a wide variety of logistics services from its five locations, two in the UK and one each in Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands, including the transport of finished vehicles, plant and machinery, carpets and other consumer goods.

In the UK, Brit European Transport Fleet Manager Stuart Brunt says the catalyst for action was big thefts from two of the company's vehicles on the same weekend, even though they were at different ends of the country at the time.

“Until that point,” he says “we suffered very few fuel thefts but these brought the problem to the fore and I decided it was time to do something about it.

“I was aware of the TruckProtect system from the trade press, so gave them a call, along with several other producers of anti-siphon units. I spoke to TruckProtect's CEO and he sent me a unit to examine and test, which I fitted to one of our vehicles myself. In appearance, I was impressed with the quality of the engineering and it was certainly easy to install, but what I really wanted was feedback from the driver.

“After a couple of weeks using the truck with the device fitted he reported no delays with refuelling and no issues with splashback or spillage. So I ordered enough units – at the right price – to fit out the 90 vehicles that comprise our car transporter and tanker fleet, many of which have dual tanks and often carry between 400 to 600 litres of fuel at a time.

“Since then, I can report we have had no further problems with fuel theft and I am now preparing to fit the fleet of another group company – Silver Arrow Logistics – with the units. My experience with TruckProtect has been very positive to date and the exercise as a whole very worthwhile. Fitting the units has been a small price to pay for peace of mind,” he adds.

What Stuart wasn't aware of at the time was that over in Brit European's Zeebrugge offices, David Gino was conducting a similar exercise. In fact the link was only made when the two orders from the UK and Belgium landed on TruckProtect desks on the same day – a happy coincidence!

Ironically, what prompted David to act was fuel theft from his 85-strong MAN fleet whilst they were making deliveries in the UK. He too, had read about the TruckProtect system and particularly its LoPro solution designed for vehicles operating on the Continent, where different height restrictions apply. Happy that the units worked and were suitable for his vehicles he ordered 170 LoPro units, as each carries dual tanks.

He says the problem of fuel theft is gone and, as an additional benefit, the units handle the typical diesel pump rates of up to 120 litres per minute found on the Continent with ease, which is something few other anti-siphon devices can do.

Added to this they are quickly transferable between vehicles.

Pleased to have Brit European Group as a new customer, TruckProtect points out that it now has an anti-fuel siphon unit to fit every make and model of vehicle in the UK and many more on the Continent, and worldwide.

“Most companies like to try a couple of units before committing themselves, and we are happy to oblige,” comments TruckProtect CEO Russell Fowler.

“And when combined with our SenderStop unit, transport operators have a total solution to the problem of stopping fuel theft from commercial vehicle tanks for the first time. It helps them stay one step ahead of the thieves,” he adds.

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