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BS Handling Systems launches COVID-19 support solution

BS Handling Systems launches COVID-19 support solution

To help mitigate against the risk of infection and assist employee safety, Leicester based BS Handling Systems has invested over £100,000 in specialist equipment, cleaning solution and training for an electrostatic sanitisation system. This enables the company to offer a first-class service designed to combat COVID-19 and other bacterial threats.

Known as the Infection Control Preventative Measures Programme, this service supports in-house cleaning routines to dramatically reduce the risk posed to businesses by bacteria and viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, the causative agent of COVID-19.

The procedure BS Handling Systems has invested in is scientifically validated and uses a revolutionary application technology, innovative chemistry and proven disinfection protocols. The biocides used are completely safe to humans, but devastating to microbes, instantly killing 99.999% of germs.

The electrostatic spraying technology employed has an electrode in the gun that atomises the cleaning fluid. On spraying, these positively charged particles are attracted to the surface areas, including difficult to reach places, all of which receive an even coating of the antibacterial solution.

Robert Brand-Smith, BS Handling System’s managing director claims, “Since launching the service we have treated over 160 sites. These include warehouses, offices, hotels, banks, retail premises and nurseries. Looking ahead, we currently have almost 100 additional sites booked in so the demand is clearly out there.

“This programme is operated by our Facilities Division and complements the other services we offer such as crisis management and preventative measures for infection spread. It also provides an ideal solution for clients of our core business, providing first-class warehouse storage, conveying and materials handling systems across a broad range of industries.”

In terms of cost for the service, it is based on the square footage to be treated, starting from up to 5,000 sq. ft. to 100,000 sq. ft. or more. The time taken to complete a site varies on size, but typically, a 5,000 sq. ft. facility can be completed in two hours with minimal disruption to business. The site is cleared for working around 10-15 minutes after completion of the process.

Prevention is better than cure

The company is currently assisting multiple UK sites on either a daily or weekly basis with both reactive and preventative disinfection protocols. BS Handling Systems offers retainer options to support clients with 24, 48 or 72 hour response times to site. These retainer options include a dedicated support phone line number and email address. Clients with retainer options also receive preferential rates for call-outs and other additional support.

The biocides used by BS Handling Systems are entirely safe, non-tainting and completely biodegradable, and comply with the Detergents Regulations 2004 (EC 648/2004) and the Biocidal Products Regulation (EU 528/2012) and are tested to multiple international standards.

The company stresses that both its COVID-19 support services and those of its core business – storage, conveyors and materials handling – continue to function under safe working practices for both its own staff and the employees of its customers.

“Investment in the system has been a major financial commitment for us. In these unprecedented times, however, this service will not only help save businesses, but also potentially, save lives.

“Both our COVID-19 disinfection services and core storage, conveyor and materials handling businesses are operating fully to support those companies and key organisations still working under lockdown. More importantly, when it is safe to do so, they will be ready to help companies by providing back to work resets to get the economy moving again.

“To assist those most in need, we are also in discussion with a local charity to provide the electrostatic sanitisation service at no cost to them,” concludes Brand-Smith.

For more information on reactive or preventative electrostatic infection control call BS Handling Systems on 0116 289 4958 or visit http://www.bshandlingsystems.com/covid-19/.

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