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BS&B Safety Systems launches an Advanced Explosion Suppression System – System V

BS&B Safety Systems introduces its most advanced, ATEX certified, Chemical Suppression and Isolation System to date, System V.

System V’s rapid response chemical suppression prevents flame propagation and isolates interconnecting process equipment. Its installation could prevent crippling equipment damage, loss on production time and even possible injury to personnel.

With its efficient and user-friendly features, System V quickly detects the smallest indication of a forming explosion in process equipment and delivers a dry chemical extinguishing agent via a Cannon* to prevent a developing internal deflagration.

It is designed for installation in facilities that generate or handle combustible dusts posing potential safety risks to personnel, equipment and property. These industries include: pharmaceutical, chemical, grain, feeds and food. The suppression and isolation system can be activated by various means, whether triggered by pressure, optical or vent sensors.

System V consists of a sensor and a modular Cannon comprising five major components: the Cannon body, extinguishing agent canister, actuation mechanism, pressurised nitrogen tank and the Cannon electrical enclosure.

When the Cannon deploys, it releases sodium bicarbonate to fully suppress a dust explosion. Cannon deployment is prompted by a low voltage electrical signal generated from sensors in a smart controller unit which subsequently activates the Cannon. The actuators release pressurised nitrogen gas towards the sodium bicarbonate canister which discharges its contents at high velocity in milliseconds. A possible deflagration travelling through ducts, piping and connected equipment is quickly and efficiently extinguished.

The Cannons’ critical circuits are continuously monitored and any events are reported at a controller’s touch screen.

There are failsafe features, such as dual electrical and mechanical lockout mechanisms which prevent accidental discharge of a Cannon into the protected equipment when client operatives may conduct internal work close to a Cannon. Should there be an electrical failure, safe lockout of the system can be achieved mechanically.

System V is designed for easy refit and maintenance making it user-friendly. A trained client operative can refit the system post activation, using simple replacement parts. This reduces lost production time and saves money. Due to its modular configuration and initially unpressurised canister, it is easily shipped to its destination point of use.

BS&B Safety Systems offers a range of passive and active explosion protection equipment. These include; Venting, flameless venting, spark detection, isolation and chemical suppression systems.

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