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BT Lifter hand pallet truck range from Toyota Material Handling responds to changing operational needs and trends

The BT Lifter hand pallet truck range from Toyota Material Handling is evolving to meet changing operational needs and responding to trends, particularly within the retail sector. Toyota is able to offer three unique hand pallet trucks; BT Pro Lifter for easier operation, BT Lifter Silent for out-of hours or residential deliveries and the BT Lifter Half Pallet to manage smaller pallet sizes.

The BT Pro Lifter hand pallet truck was first launched in 2004 and has
continued to evolve. Winning accredited awards including the IMHX Design 4
Safety Awards for the Professionals’ Choice in 2010, the BT Pro Lifter is
still unique within the marketplace and remains a market leader for
increased safety and productivity.

Thanks to its unique Pro Start Technology (PST), a quick pump-action of the
BT Pro Lifter’s tiller arm transfers power to the truck’s steering wheels
which then turn a third of a revolution to overcome inertia and get the user
on their way. With an ordinary hand pallet truck you need a force equivalent
to 45kg to get a 2300kg loaded truck moving. Using PST you now only need a
force equivalent to 15kg to get a similar load moving, reducing the risk of
operator back strain and improving workplace safety.

Mark Peters, Hand Pallet Truck Product Manager comments: "Retail is
changing. Retailers are now opening for longer and utilising smaller stores
with greater product lines. They are also locating more and more in built-up
or residential areas, presenting a challenge in terms of how and when
deliveries are made. By understanding the changes in our customers’
business needs we have developed specific solutions to address these
challenges, ensuring efficient business operations at all times".

The BT Lifter Silent hand pallet truck helps to reduce the noise of truck
usage, which is essential for operations where daily goods deliveries take
place late at night or early in the morning. The BT Lifter Silent is
equipped with high-quality rubber steering wheels and powerthane bogie
wheels for whisper-quiet operation. In addition, the robust chassis has been
developed with noise reducing material and rubber studs and bushings
ensuring noise levels do not exceed 60 dBA or the sound of two people having
a normal conversation.

In addition, the BT Lifter Silent has also been accredited with the Quiet
Mark – an international mark of approval awarded by the UK Noise Abatement
Society who encourages companies in the development of products with
significantly reduced noise.

Finally, the BT Lifter Half Pallet has been developed to handle different
types of half pallets and quarter pallets, as well as a wide range of modern
roll cages and special trolleys associated with deliveries straight into

Peters adds "There has been a trend towards retailers using half and quarter
pallets which are suitable for use in supermarkets, shop displays and where
space is at a premium. These pallets can be difficult to move safely with
standard trucks so we developed a hand pallet truck specifically designed
for this use".

Through on-going research and development, Toyota can ensure they can offer
new solutions to ever changing demands whilst continuing to achieve
outstanding levels of quality and durability. By combining their 60-year
commitment to the manufacture of quality hand pallet trucks manufactured in
Sweden with the benefit of the Toyota Production System philosophy, Toyota
can remain the market leader of hand pallet trucks.

Toyota Material Handling UK
Pioneer Way
West Yorkshire
tel. 0870 850 1401

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