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BTTG aquires highly specialised Comfort Testing equipment

BTTG High Performance Materials (BTTG-HPM), one of the world's leading
textile testing laboratories, has added highly-specialised “comfort
testing” equipment to its portfolio.

The new equipment allows BTTG-HPM to carry out the Sweating Guarded
Hotplate (Skin Model) Test on personal protective equipment (PPE) such
as firefighting clothing, high-visibility/weather protective clothing and also on other items such as sports wear.

The new equipment complies with the European Standard EN 31092 and the
International Standard ISO 11092.

“It is capable of carrying out two tests – thermal resistance and water
vapour resistance but we expect most requests from clients to be for
water vapour resistance testing; fundamentally this test measures how
comfortable clothing will be when its user is in an environment that
causes sweating,” said Phil Hutchings, Operational Head, BTTG-HPM.

“In the case of firefighting clothing, it is crucial that it is able to
dissipate sweat and make difficult working conditions as safe and
comfortable as possible.

“The equipment replicates the effect of the wearer's skin sweating
against the lining of clothing and how fast it allows sweat to pass
through to the outer surface of the clothing.

“However, as well as protective clothing (PPE) we can also apply the
test to any fabric or combination of fabrics for which comfort is a
relevant property – and perhaps ultimately help their manufacturers to
enhance performance”, said Phil.

BTTG-HPM has obtained UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service)
accreditation for this new test to add to its large range of accredited
tests. The new test enhances the ability of BTTG-HPM to provide a
comprehensive range of competitive, independent and expert testing plus
certification, advisory and investigation services across the
traditional and specialist textile industries.

BTTG-HPM trades as part of BTTG Testing & Certification Limited, one of
the three operating companies of BTTG. With more than 80 years
experience, BTTG provides unrivalled and expert reassurance through its
technical services to a global network of clients which include
manufacturers, retailers, the legal profession, police, consumers and
related interest groups including Trading Standards. Highly-qualified
and experienced technical staff work directly with clients to ensure
delivery of the best advice and service in a wide range of technical

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