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Built to Last at Minelco

A fleet of new Toyota Toneros are taking on the tough operating conditions at the Minelco mineral processing site site in Flixborough.

Minelco have now taken delivery of the 3 tonne capacity forklifts for use loading bulk bags onto transport lorries and feeding material into the
mineral processing machinery.

The sorting, crushing and screening of the minerals on site produces abrasive particles which can damage plant machinery and shorten its working life.

It was no surprise that they looked for a forklift fleet with the same ability to withstand tough operating conditions.

Works Manager Ian Booth specified the new fleet with the Tonero Durability+ package; a selection of competitively priced factory fitted options designed to tailor the truck to the particular challenges of the operating environment.

A plate fin radiator, high speed fan and hydraulic oil cooler work in combination to improve the engine cooling ability even when exposed to the mineral particles.

Ian advises: “It is important for us that the forklifts are as durable as possible. They are used to feed the processing machine, so if they are not available we may ultimately have to shut the machine down, incurring heavy costs and lost productivity.”

The unique Toyota System of Active Stability (SAS) helps to prevent lateral tipping by stepping in to stabilise the truck if a potentially dangerous situation is detected. SAS automatically monitors and controls over 3000 key forklift functions, helping to keep both load and operator safe. This helps the drivers to manoeuvre safely even when lifting bulk bags with unstable load centres.

Bulk bags are free stacked in the Minelco warehouse, giving the trucks some tight corners to negotiate. The Tonero has a redesigned mast and low instrument panel to give operators class leading visibility in all directions. The option of a swivel seat and rear assist grip to helps operators to reverse safely and comfortably.

Self levelling forks help save time when block staking in the warehouse, allowing drivers to accurately position the forks at the touch of a button.

Ian concludes: “It was clear to us that Toyota had the right package for us with the Tonero. They could offer us the combination of high build quality, factory fitted options to improve durability and the flexible rental options we needed. Whilst it will be time that ultimately proves the durability of the trucks, the Toneros have certainly taken everything thrown at them so far”

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