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Bulldoors shine at Silberline

Union Industries, UK's market-leading manufacturer of the Matadoor Range of Hi Speed Industrial Roller Doors, has proved its mettle at Silberline and attracted repeat business.

Silberline is a world leading and global supplier of high quality aluminium, special effects and performance pigments that dramatically enhance the visual appeal of coatings, paints, inks, plastics and textiles.

Back in 2000 it installed three Bulldoor Hi Speed Doors from Union's Matadoor Range to cut down on heat loss and reduce energy bills at the Silberline manufacturing facility in Fife.

So robust and reliable did the Bulldoors prove to be that when Silberline planned a new store area there was no contest for the type of door chosen to cope with the virtually continuous forklift traffic anticipated through the two openings – it had to be Bulldoor. Two Bulldoors with alert yellow door blades, emblazoned with warning text prohibiting pedestrian use, were ordered and installed within the month.

Not only are Bulldoors unbelievably reliable but with opening speeds of 1.6m per second and automatic closing heat loss through the openings is down to a minimum and forklift efficiency is maximised.

As with all doors in the Matadoor Range the Bulldoor boasts Union's simple, effective and proven 'Crash-out' facility that protects the doors' bottom beam from damage if hit by a forklift truck. Better still, following impact, the 'Auto-reset' feature enables the door to continue operating without missing a beat.

Needless to say the protection of operatives using the doors is paramount to Union which is why it incorporates no fewer than 12 safety devices in the standard supply of all its doors.

Rodger McMullen, Operations Manager at Silberline, said: “I have been dealing with Union Industries for many years. Over time I have proven the unstinting reliability and quality of their Matadoor Range, its engineering excellence and the high standard of service I receive and would not dream of considering any alternative.

Steve Moultrie, Technical Sales Engineer for Union Industries, said: “Companies such as Silberline understand the importance of buying technologically advanced equipment that will contribute to the smooth running of its facilities, reduce energy consumption and running costs. Silberline can also take comfort in knowing that Bulldoor's many standard safety features will protect its employees, vehicles and product.”

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