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Business students get serious about the environment

Students at Cardinal College in Preston have heard from business leaders about the importance of sustainability and recycling in the business environment as part of the College’s ‘Our World Week’ event.

Our World Week promotes sustainability among students, focusing on issues including the environment, the economy and social responsibilities. As well as looking at ways in which they can improve their own life and the environment around them, students learn about the importance of good corporate social responsibility.

Speaking at the event Giles Whiteley, CEO of waste management firm SWR said: "The business students at Cardinal College, and thousands of others like them across the world, are the next generation of business leaders. They will be faced with a very different set of challenges to those we see today and the issue of corporate social responsibility will be high up on the agenda.

"When it comes to managing an organisations resources, the principles of making the most of what we use, and even making the most of what we throw away, will have a massive impact, not only on a company’s reputation, but on their bottom line."

Business student Elliot Cooper said: "We all need to be more aware of our own responsibilities, particularly as we enter the workplace. Before today I had no idea how much of a precious commodity waste can be."

Classmate, Ravi Parekh, said: "Part of our course teaches us about the importance of good corporate social responsibility, but today is the first time we have learnt about the role of managing waste in this context. There definitely needs to be more in the curriculum about the issue of sustainable waste management in the business environment."

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