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Bybbox expands depot network as demand continues to grow

A MASSIVE increase in demand for the services of ByBox, the UK's leading force in in-night parts distribution, has led to the firm upgrading a range of its service and distribution centres.

The moves come in response to the company's continued growth and expansion acquired through a host of new contract wins with the likes of Coca-Cola, the Tech Guys, telent and more recently Fujitsu.

ByBox has moved its distribution centre in Gateshead to a 7,000 square foot facility and upgraded its centre in Doncaster to a 10,064 square foot facility.

In addition it has also upgraded its distribution centre in WSM to a sizeable 9,600 square foot facility.

The fast-growing company has now expanded to a total of 11 depots across the UK.

ByBox was formed in 2000 and today has a network of 18,000 boxes based at 1200 locations across the UK.

It now holds around 70 per cent of the field service market, has recently expanded its number of boxes and is looking to develop new markets.

The company offers an extensive range of distribution platforms for organisations, firms and individuals and investment with innovation and technology underpinning its success.

The forward-thinking employer also has a world-class manufacturing facility in France, which has made and installed more than 54,000 electronic lockers in over 20 countries worldwide.

In the UK, ByBox operates the country's largest dedicated through-the-night distribution service and its need for a new distribution centre is based on its success in making more than 20 million deliveries a year into its unique national network of drop boxes.

It has a pre-8am delivery service, operating six nights a week, which is 100 per cent reliable and considered the best of its type in the UK.

Stuart Miller, Chief Executive of ByBox commented: “Our move in opening a new distribution centre in Gateshead and upgrading our centres in Doncaster and WSM are clear evidence of our level of growth in the parts distribution industry.

“We are hugely excited about the direction that ByBox is taking.

“It is now our intention to continue to build on the strong foundations we have laid and explore other marketplaces such as home delivery.”

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