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ByBox offers fast and efficient solution to Hamworthy Heating

The way the world thinks about energy use has changed forever. For businesses and Governments alike, climate change is a real concern. Two companies who have recognised this are ByBox, the supply chain specialists and Hamworthy Heating, the UK based designers and manufacturers of commercial heating equipment. The eco friendly companies have struck up a partnership which ensures the delivery of faster and more carbon efficient heating solutions for hospitals, offices and factories. whilst at the same time reducing carbon footprint.

Hamworthy Heating has a workforce of field based engineers who use ByBox lock boxes to receive parts daily, pre 8am. ByBox has a vast network of 18,000 drop boxes at over 1,350 locations across the UK and are a company that care passionately about the environment. They play a huge role in reducing the industry’s carbon emissions and do so by consolidating multiple deliveries into one location; meaning fewer trips and much less fuel wastage. They also deliver at night which eases daytime road congestion.

Their network is one of the most reliable with pre 8am service delivery levels of 99.63% in 2010 and around 20 million items delivered per year. Russ Walliss, Service Manager of Hamworthy Heating commented: "ByBox has increased the speed with which we can get important components to our engineers across the UK, significantly reducing the amount of stock they need to hold in their vans. We have found the service from ByBox extremely quick and reliable.

"Furthermore there is a great deal of synergy between our two organisations both in terms of innovation and our green credentials which is an added benefit and makes for an ideal partnership.

Hamworthy Heating is also renowned for providing a reliable service and has a proven track record in product innovation. Hamworthy design and manufacture high-efficiency atmospheric, condensing and pre-mix boilers in a variety of configurations for commercial customers and seek to provide them with a complete heating solution. They use the latest technology to ensure their products are reliable and easy to use. At their dedicated testing facility in Poole, each new product undergoes extensive testing and evaluation to ensure performance reaches customer requirements.

Hamworthy Heating is not a company that sacrifice their green credentials; they operate a Technology Partner Programme which allows them to offer a whole range of renewable energy technologies for commercial heating and hot water applications. They partner with leading specialists in their fields who provide a unique blend of skills and experience; this allows them to seamlessly integrate the latest renewable energy into traditional systems. Their current renewable energy range includes: Solar energy, ground and air source energy, bHYPERLINK "http://www.hamworthy-heating.com/products/index.asp?P_C_ID34=76&P_C_ID37=0&P_D_Short=&P_C_ID36=170&P_C_ID38=0&P_D_Code=&Prod_ids=76%2C170%2C173&PMaction=product_view_details&RecordID=128"iomass solutions and liquid biofuel.

Along with their green credentials, both companies champion innovation; ByBox invests over €3.5m in software technology and research and development annually, and is one of the fastest growing technology companies in the UK. Hamworthy Heating also has a passion for innovation which has fuelled a team committed to world class manufacturing and pioneering best practice. With this partnership, both companies seem set to continue on the road to success and will seek to drive the efficiencies and savings of tomorrow.

Established in 2000, ByBox is the leading force in in-night distribution and field service solutions and holds more than 70 per cent of the field service market, with customers including Coca Cola Enterprises, Konica Minolta and Inspired Gaming. Operating 7 days a week, 365 days a year and with networks in the UK, France, Republic of Ireland and the Benelux, ByBox continue to expand their reach without compromising their environmental responsibilities.

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