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ByBox provides competitive edge for Service logistics

Businesses across the UK are getting a helping hand from ByBox Technical Couriers to ensure that pin pads for their automatic card payment machines are working correctly.

ByBox, the UK market leader for field service solutions, was approached by Service Logistics who had won a contract with a major card payment processor to install pin pads under the terms of which they were required to have the pin pads installed by engineers which was not something the company normally offered.

In searching for a solution they came across ByBox which was not only able to provide technical assistance seven days a week, 365 days a year but also a four hour, same day and next day response to fix and swap out machines and components.

The two companies developed a partnership and ByBox is now responsible for scheduling calls, installation of pin pads and for the training of merchants. ByBox will install approximately 35,000 pin pads over the coming year.

ByBox’ network of trained Technical Couriers now carry out the installations, ensuring customers are receiving an efficient and reliable service while at the same time saving time and money.

Mark Garritt, Managing Director of ByBox, said: "At ByBox we are continually looking for ways to further streamline our customers’ supply chains and offering a Technical Courier confers many advantages.

When machinery breaks down, it is essential that businesses are up and running again as quickly and cost-effectively as possible and that is precisely where Technical Courier can help.

"Rather than companies adopting a fragmented approach to solving problems by using several different suppliers, Technical Courier effectively provides a one-stop-shop for all of their needs.

"We are delighted to be working in partnership with Service Logistics over the coming year and look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with them."

Ian Dodd, Director, Service Logistics, said: "ByBox has provided Service Logistics with a broad service offering, which has proven to be very effective. We have been able to explore new services on the back of this, some of which are unique in our industry and are due to go live very soon."

ByBox is responsible for scheduling the visits to install the pin pads, calling the merchants beforehand to arrange suitable times and providing training on how to use the pin pads correctly after installation.

Under the partnership, Service Logistics can also call on ByBox’ Technical Couriers to carry out one-off jobs, at a variable cost according to the time involved rather than a fixed price for the day.

Founded in 2000, ByBox has transformed the field services market with its innovative solution of delivering overnight, pre-8am to a network of 18,000 drop boxes at 1,350 locations, ready for an engineer to start work.

Having grown to a £37 million company in just over a decade, ByBox now has a network of Forward Stock Locations across the UK as well as a Repair Centre and the Technical Courier service.

For more complex call outs, the Engineering arm of ByBox is PPR Solutions; a specialist in high-end engineering supplying technical expertise capable of carrying out the more complex repairs that are time-critical on site – all at a variable cost.

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