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Bybox safeguards goods with shocklog recorder

ByBox Ltd, the innovative leader for in-night parts distribution, has come up with a state-of-the-art programmable recorder to minimise the risk of damage to goods.

The RD298 ShockLog Recorder can be used over and over again to ensure that goods in transit, production or storage stay undamaged, whatever the circumstances.

The recorder does the jobs previously done by bespoke equipment – but it is much more reliable.

Armed with a rechargeable battery that lasts 12 months, the recorder travels with the product to record and help the customer understand any problems that arise.

It tells you when incorrect physical handling, poor quality packaging or inappropriate temperature and humidity control will have damaged the quality of the product.

And with its comprehensive Windows-based software programme, customers can programme their own wake up, warning and alarm levels and frequency of data collection.

Stuart Miller, CEO of ByBox Ltd, said: “The RD298 ShockLog will be a valuable addition for any company seeking to maximise the security of its product.”

ByBox Ltd, which has nine depots across the UK and a 100,000 sq ft hub in Coventry, said the presence of the recorder would keep staff and handlers on their toes to ensure that there is even less chance of a product being damaged.

The ShockLog also boasts optional external sensors, power interface, and recording modes, as well as a non-volatile memory, an internal temperature sensor, and tamper-proof passwords.

The recorder stores all data and status information in a high-performance sector erase FLASH memory, which retains data and cannot easily be lost or erased.

Any of the data from the ShockLog is transferable to programmes including Microsoft Excel.

It means that for the first time companies can keep an eye on their product beyond the loading bay and show any potential customer they mean business when it comes to safety and security.

ByBox Ltd was formed in 2000 and the company's core service is the development, delivery and support of an extensive range of distribution platforms for organisations.

The company operates the largest dedicated through-the-night distribution service, making more than five million deliveries per year into a national network of more than 14,000 drop boxes at over 750 locations.

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