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ByBox service enables Infotec to get products to customers faster

Infotec is one of the UK's leading suppliers and maintainers of photocopier and printer solutions. Formerly known as Danka, it was recently acquired by Ricoh, one of the world's largest brands in the sector.

The company has been a customer of ByBox for some time, using its network of drop boxes to ensure its 150 engineers covering the UK have access to the parts and products they need by 8.30am.

Most stock comes across from Ricoh's European distribution warehouse in Schiphol, in the Netherlands. The stock is labelled ByBox at the European warehouse and transported to the UK, where ByBox deliver to the dropbox nearest to the relevant engineer for them to collect.

“The biggest advantage is the peace of mind that the parts will be at the drop-box for the engineer to pick up first thing in the morning,” said Keith Edwards, UK Logistics Manager for Infotec UK.

“We get full traceability and know an item is in the box by 8.30am. There is no time wasted waiting for packages or then trying to find who accepted a delivery on site. Our engineers also receive a text message from ByBox confirming the delivery.

“We have now expanded the services we buy from ByBox to include a pre-12 noon delivery to site for Northern Ireland.

“We still utilise ByBox's dropboxes in Northern Ireland for delivery of parts to our engineers as elsewhere. However, in some instances we need items delivering direct to a customer site.

“With previous carriers, we could wait up to three days for that to happen, but ByBox guarantees us a pre-12 noon service to Northern Ireland and a pre-10am-to-site delivery service across the UK.

“It enables us to offer a better service to all of our customers.”

Infotec's clients cover the whole spectrum of organisations, from schools and charities to brand shops and large corporations.

ByBox has a network of more than 18,000 box banks situated at more than 1,200 locations around the UK

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