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Cabka-IPS at ALL4PACK Paris safe transport and efficient storage

Cabka-IPS at ALL4PACK Paris: safe transport and efficient storage

At ALL4PACK Paris, the international trade fair for the packaging and logistics industry (26 – 29 November), plastic load carrier specialist Cabka-IPS will be presenting innovative transport and storage solutions for a wide variety of industries. Visitors can get a first-hand look of the Eco i3 xLite pallet for air freight, the Eco P3 chemical pallet, the space-saving Nest pallets, and the collapsible CabCube 2.0 large load carrier at Booth 7 D 165.

Cabka-IPS offers a wide range of pallets, boxes, and pallet boxes made from recycled plastic for many different industries. In addition to a wide range of standard products, the specialist also develops bespoke solutions to the exacting requirements of its customers. The xLite pallet Eco i3 is particularly suitable for transporting fragile packaged goods by air. At only 7.3 kilograms, the industrial pallet is particularly light considering its dynamic load capacity of 1,000 kilograms and static load capacity of 2,000 kilograms. It is also low in height, which is a further contributing factor to the lower weight. Six large skids provide a large contact surface as well as optimum load distribution for block stacking.

The lightweight Eco P3 plastic pallet was specially developed for the unique requirements of the chemical industry: ultimate protection of sensitive loads and a smooth flow of goods. The Eco P3 is an attractive alternative to the standard CP7 wooden pallet for the chemical industry – with all the advantages of a plastic pallet. It is light, stable, and can handle even heavy loads. The distinct wing design with the top extending beyond the runners and feet of the pallet offers an extra-large support surface and facilitates the transportation of bags. This means that users can transport larger quantities even on smaller conveyor belts.

Cabka-IPS will also be presenting the new plastic pallets of the Nest series at ALL4PACK. The special design gives them extreme flexural rigidity and makes them ideally suited for exporting. The conically shaped feet interlock and thus reduce the stacking volume by up to 75 percent. This results in significant storage and transport cost savings. To secure the loads, the pallets have a sturdy, five-millimeter high anti-slip edge. The pallets are available in euro, industrial, and semi-size for different applications.

Cabka also developed special pallets and load carriers for the diverse requirements of suppliers – for example for automotive and warehouse logistics. Thanks to its collapsible rings, the CabCube 2.0 large load carrier (LLC) can be easily and quickly folded up and stacked, including the underside and lid. As a result, the CabCube 2.0 achieves a volume-reduction of up to 80 percent. This saves storage and transport costs for users. The CabCube 2.0 is produced by injection molding, which distinguishes it from similar products that are usually manufactured through deep drawing. It is specifically made for the transport of large-volume, yet lightweight components for just-in-time deliveries or deliveries to warehouses. It consists of three parts: a pallet, a cover, and a collapsible ring. The flat, fully sealed surface of the pallet enables the neat placement of a variety of goods or partitions. For special system packaging with partitions, Cabka-IPS also developed the XL lid. When used with a return collar, it ensures that not only the folding ring itself, but also the inner packaging can be stowed in a space-saving manner during return transport. The XL lid is larger than the standard lid and thus protrudes over the edge of the ring. As a result, it closes the return collar including the partitions folded therein and the folding ring.

Cabka-IPS at ALL4PACK Paris, France: Booth 7 D 165

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