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Cable carriers for reliable protection under dirty operating conditions

Wood or metal chips, other rough dirt particles, even flying sparks, may considerably affect cable carriers’ functionality in machines and installations. In a worst case scenario, this may even result in a total breakdown. For applications with the corresponding environmental conditions, KABELSCHLEPP GmbH supplies closed cable carrier chains and systems, in the best design possible. This considerably improves operational safety.

No rare occurrence in day-to-day industrial production: sharp or hot chips, flying sparks, aggressive liquids, rough dirt and separated material particles. Certain operating conditions are critical for the cable carriers in automated work and manufacturing processes. When cables are damaged, the power fails, signals are not received, data are not communicated. There is a danger of costly production losses. Special protection is needed here. For such cases, KABELSCHLEPP provides the products of the TUBE-series. If operation conditions require it, TUBE-series provides reliable protection against damage or wear of the cables installed.

In order to meet the customers needs or the application specifications, and to always be able to deliver the best solution for any kind of industrial applications, the cable carrier specialist from Ilkeston, Derbyshire, can rely on a great variety of materials in its portfolio. Whether designs made of plastic, steel, or hybrid variants (plastic chain bands with aluminium stays), or economic versatile standard types, robust, weight-optimised, extremely stable fast or quiet cable carriers for large unsupported lengths, with fixed chain widths, or chain widths accurate to the millimetre, with a large internal height or special design requirements – the portfolio offers the suitable solution for any need. Accordingly, the covered solutions are also available in various designs. There are, for example, plastic covers which depending on the application, are mounted on one or on both sides. Aluminium covers are particularly light and strong and therefore have a better long-term heat resistance. Sometimes, hot swarf or sparks remain on the covers for a short while until they die down, so aluminium is definitely the best choice compared to special plastics materials

Steel chains are recommended for areas with extremely high mechanical loads. With steel chains solutions for long-term loads or application-dependent maximum values of up to 600 °C may be realised. In a stainless steel design chains may even be exposed to short-term peak temperatures of up to 1,000 °C. In this instance, aluminium covers offer reliable protection without increasing the weight of the chain excessively. Steel band covers offer a lighter and above all, more economical option. They are available up to a width of 1,000 mm for all chain types. The steel band cover is fastened to the chain bands with corresponding holders.

The enclosed cable carrier CoverTrax is one of the most recent additions to the TUBE series. It offers effective protection against chips, dust and dirt and prevents alien objects from entering in the cable area. This has been achieved by optimised chain geometries and a reinforced cover contour, allowing for very small gap widths, even for large chain widths. Alien objects cannot be deposited in the narrow gaps, nor can they penetrate into the interior cable compartment while the chain is in motion. Dirt is also deflected to the sides, since the covers provide a sealed enclosure flush with the sides. Moreover, the design is convincing, thanks to its enclosed stop system and internal damping resulting in quiet operation. With a new linking mechanism, the chain can be opened quickly and easily, both inside (model 60) and outside (model 080), and the cover may be completely removed – essential for a quick cable installation. The separating stays also contribute to this: they can be moved in the chain’s cross section; however, they can also be quickly fixed by simply turning and locking them into place.

Aside from performance and functionality, the optical aspect plays a major role; for this purpose KABELSCHLEPP has developed designer TUBES. Among them the CONDUFLEX chain with a visually attractive appearance due to stainless steel brackets and frames made of fibre glass reinforced polyamide or the flexible metal spiral tube MOBIFLEX with a very dense construction, ideal for areas exposed to hot swarf.

Cover variants are designed for easy installation and can be easily and quickly opened, unfastened, unscrewed or unclipped. Different stay systems tailored to the application are available in order to reliably keep the installed cables in position – which is also particularly important for installations where the cable carrier is installed on its side.

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