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Calor fixed fuel tanks deliver productivity improvements to Palletforce

As the UK's leading supplier of LPG to the forklift truck market, Calor understands the needs of the materials handling sector and offers a range of supply and storage options to cater for any forklift fleet size.

Calor LPG offers numerous benefits over alternative fuels not least that it enables trucks to be used both inside and out and avoids the lengthy recharging periods associated with electric powered trucks.

Refuelling time can be further reduced using Calor Fixed Fuel Tanks which are available with 55 or 70 litre capacities.

Using Fixed Fuel Tanks leads to fewer refuelling stops helping to reduce downtime and labour costs whilst increasing productivity. One company that has enjoyed the benefits of Fixed Fuel Tanks is Lichfield-based PalletFORCE. Operations Director, Carl Worgan, says switching to Calor Fixed Fuel Tanks have supported significant contributions to productivity improvements to the company's hub operations.

He says: “The relatively small cost of installing Fixed Fuel Tanks onto each of our forklift trucks is well worth the investment as it contributes to our fleet running more efficiently. We have seen an improvement in the way we run the fleet which has contributed to improved operational benefits.”

PalletFORCE is one of the leading palletised distribution networks in the UK and operates out of over 200,000 square feet of warehousing based at Fradley Park in Lichfield. Eight 4,000 litre bulk tanks, which are refilled once a week, are situated around the site for optimum use.

Moving over 7,500 pallets each night, a reliable and efficient forklift truck fleet is essential. The company operates 44 Caterpillar forklifts which are replaced every two years. PalletFORCE decided to switch to Fixed Fuel Tanks after Calor demonstrated the benefits. Carl says: “We have been using Calor since 2001 now and they have been very supportive of our business requirements and are very proactive in keeping us abreast of the latest developments.”

“Before we switched to Fixed Fuel Tanks, we used refillable cylinders which we felt met our needs and were suitable for our operation. However, when Calor demonstrated that there was another option that would lead to increased productivity and reduced downtime we evaluated the benefits and decided to trial the system.”

“This new way of working has clearly given us benefits on our productivity and we look forward to ways of further enhancing this.”

Operating 24 hours a day, with various shift patterns, PalletFORCE's fleet of forklifts is in constant operation. “Now, our Fixed Fuel Tanks are filled in less than five minutes at the start of the shift and allow the trucks to continue running until the next shift-change, eliminating unnecessary operational interruptions,” says Carl.

Switching to Fixed Fuel Tanks has allowed PalletFORCE to run an efficient fleet whilst enjoying all the benefits of LPG. With fewer emissions than diesel, using LPG offers a cleaner, healthier working environment and eliminates the downtime associated with recharging electric forklift trucks.

Calor offers complete peace of mind, taking responsibility for all tank maintenance including bulk LPG tanks and any Fixed Fuel Tanks fitted to forklift trucks. This ensures the customer does not have to worry about compliance with LPG Codes of Practice as it is all taken care of by Calor.

In addition, by taking responsibility of LPG tanks and providing a 24 hour, 365 day emergency call out service, Calor eliminates the worry associated with fuel storage. For added peace of mind Calor's delivery drivers carry out visual inspections every time the tank is refilled, a comforting feature in today's health and safety conscious material handling industry.

Summing up the benefits of Fixed Fuel Tanks for Pallet Force, Calor's commercial specialist, Bob Peach, concludes: “PalletFORCE has saved an average of 20 minutes refuelling time per truck, per shift, which across the whole fleet equates to the equivalent of over a week's work!

In summary:
• Fixed Fuel Tanks have helped PalletFORCE increase its operational productivity thus delivering more value to its members and shareholders

• Operations now run more efficiently and without interruption thanks to the simple process of refuelling Fixed Fuel Tanks at the start of, instead of throughout, each shift

• Calor have built a strong relationship with PalletFORCE keeping the company up to date with industry changes and supporting the company in looking at ways to make the forklift truck fleet more efficient.

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