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Calor Gas order 88 new trailers from Cartwright to create a fleet of total Cartwright trailers in 2013

Calor Gas, the UK’s leading distributor of LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) has ordered 88 new trailers from Cartwright for its 2013 replacement programme.

The Warwickshire based distributor, has also ordered an additional 8 rigid vehicles from Cartwright to bring the total units purchased by Calor to 96 for this year.

Calor’s relationship with Cartwright goes back to 1999 when engineers from the body and trailer manufacturer began working closely with Calor to redesign their cylinder trailer.

The partnership has endured ever since and the latest order will create a total exclusive Calor fleet of 437 Cartwright built trailers and 234 cylinder rigid vehicles, ranging from 5 tonnes to 18 tonnes GVW.

Calor’s cylinder rigid fleet, which are predominantly 85% DAF chassis, are all fitted with Cartwright bodies incorporating a combination of side lifts and / or tail lifts.

The new trailer order is split into four separate specifications.
The majority of the order is for 56 Cartwright tandem axle cylinder trailers of 13.22 meters in length at 35 tonnes specification. They are designed to provide all-round access to the deck for loading and unloading cylinders. Calor were impressed that the trailer design maximises load capacity, thereby helping to reduce the company’s carbon footprint as they distribute cylinders to their network of outlets and customers throughout Britain.

A further 22 tandem axle trailers of 10.97 meters in length have also been ordered to enable deliveries to locations with restricted access. These shorter trailers also benefit from all-round access to the load and 5 of these incorporate a tail lift and a central access walkway. This allows the driver to gain access to the various cylinders, along the full length of the trailer and still use the tail lift to unload / load. All these features give the advantage of improved safety and efficiency.

The final part of the order is for 10 step frame trailers at 12.31 meters in length at 35 tonne specification. These have been designed and built to accommodate the specific loading requirements at Calor’s Grangemouth cylinder filling plant.

Iain Carr, National Vehicle Engineering Manager for Calor, commented that the central walkway on the multi-drop trailers and the full length side lift on all 15 tonne rigid vehicles are major benefits in terms of safety and efficiency. These special features allow the drivers safe access to any part of the load to select the various different cylinders for delivery.

He says "We now have more than 60 vehicles fitted with the full length side lift, which were first introduced into the fleet in 2007. They are now a standard feature on the 15 tonne rigid vehicle due to the vital benefits they offer and we are the only LPG distribution company using this particular full length side lift design.

The cylinder trailers are based upon a flat trailer fitted with a fixed framework and mounting a series of removable gates and adjustable bars that optimise access, flexibility and load security. This type of trailer is specifically designed for the transportation of LPG cylinders.

Iain continues "We have had a long relationship with Cartwright because they are able to design and build what the customer wants. We have very specific requirements and over the years we have been able to work closely with Cartwright, leading to a number of improvements on our cylinder trailers and rigid vehicle fleet.

He adds "Cartwright is very approachable, flexible and provides an innovative service to give you a bespoke trailer rather than something ‘off the shelf’. I like the fact that they are only too happy to discuss different designs and ideas.

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