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Cargo Launches New Website

www.cargo-storage.com. The Oxfordshire based manufacturer of space saving storage systems, Cargo, have launched their new website, providing full details on their Carousel and Lift products. www.cargo-storage.com

Cargo Carousel and Lift are sophisticated, computer controlled storage and handling solutions. They are individually tailored to customer requirements and offer comprehensive benefits for office and industrial storage, improved stock management and increased productivity.

The Cargo Carousel is a computer controlled vertical shelving system. On command the Carousel rotates, delivering items quickly, safely and conveniently to the access port. A combination of advanced software and retrieval system automatically calculates the quickest route to the required location by rotating clockwise or anti-clockwise, greatly increasing picking and replenishing speeds.

The Carousel is ideally suited to store and retrieve anything from industrial goods to small to medium parts and high value components, to documents and files, and can accommodate customised storage carriers from 2.5m to 3.5m wide, and 320mm to 630mm in depth.

The Cargo Lift is a computer controlled vertical lift, storage and retrieval system. On command the lift transports selected items to and from the operator, improving productivity, increasing picking speeds and reducing costs. Trays can hold up to 750kg of stock, and can move vertically up to 2.3 metres per second. The built-to-order Lifts are available in heights of 5 to 20m, and widths of 2 to 3.6 meters.

The Lift offers greater flexibility and is ideal for storing and retrieving items with different dimensions, from small parts to goods on pallets, in one single unit. With the ability to store heavy and bulky goods, the Cargo Lift reduces the physical efforts and risks associated with manual systems, innovations which are applauded by the HSE. The unit is fitted with a light curtain located at the access point, which measures the height of the items, storing them accordingly optimising maximum storage space.

For more information contact Cargo Sales on 01844 277044, or email cargo@countax.com

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