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Cargo terror bomb spurs new Label Lock launch – tamper evident tape to assist shippers and screeners

The by now infamous plot to detonate an ink cartridge bomb over the eastern seaboard of the USA has prompted a thorough review of aviation security, and particularly in the area of cargo, freight and parcel shipping.

In turn, this has prompted the latest Label Lock™ product launch.
With increasing calls for more comprehensive ‘known cargo’ screening, Security Labels International, the company manufacturing the famous Label Lock brand, have now launched their unique version of tamper evident security tape.

Hugo Gell, Sales Director, said this week: ‘Clearly there is a need to secure screened cargo between the point of screening and its delivery to airside. Known cargo shippers need to ensure nothing can be added to or removed from the consignments before take-off. Shrink film is just not enough. Regulatory bodies have been looking very closely at this as a matter of urgency, and all forms of international cargo, freight and parcel shippers have been reviewing their procedures and updating them constantly.

‘In order to assist shippers in conforming to regulatory demands, we have announced the launch of a cost effective and quick way of confirming the integrity of scanned cargo as it travels between secured areas. Tape Lock™ can be wrapped around everything from pallets to envelopes, bags, boxes and parcels with ease. A sub-surface unique coded number every 15cms (6 inches) makes tracking and verification easy. If or when the tape is removed, an opened message appears on the packaging and tape, making re-use impossible.

The tape is available in perforated 50m rolls, and application possible with a standard tape gun. Every roll contains unique numbering through its length, making it traceable and removing the need for customisation. This was seen as an important feature in maintaining the highest integrity while keeping the costs to a minimum. Customisation will be available to those who wish to increase their brand awareness or differentiate their cargo quickly and easily.

The new tamper evident tape is an addition to the now famous Label Lock brand of tamper evident security labels.

These No-Residue and Dual Layer labels are a highly secure, very effective yet simple and cheap solution, incorporating a host of features so they cannot be replicated, but are easily monitored. This saves hours of productive time for logistics and security managers, airports, airlines, buildings and perimeter managers – and provides peace of mind for anyone who comes across them. Because the surface of each security seal changes dramatically once removed to display the words ‘OPENED’, these labels have uses for a wide range of items from CD and DVD cases and laptops to aircraft, doors and documents. Whereas a padlock can be picked, or more than one person may have legitimate access, these labels will alert the inspector instantly if someone has gained entry. They can’t be replaced because each one has a unique sub-surface printed number. What’s more, there is no need to drill holes in doors or install expensive monitoring equipment. ‘Just Label Lock™ and leave’.

The website at www.labellock.com explains the rest, and the labels and tape are available globally through a carefully chosen network of distributor partners.

Most so-called ‘security labels’ are made from a bulk supplied that usually just consists of a wallpaper ‘void’ text. Such materials are widely distributed, and so easily obtained by fraudulent printers.

Label Lock™ labels have a clear border, and no ‘wallpaper’ void text, making it impossible to construct from bulk rolls of material. The unique serial numbers are encoded and are sub-surface printed to ensure they can be traced but can’t be altered. Every label is unique, but available ‘off the shelf’ in convenient rolls, packed into numbered dispenser boxes. This removes the need for customisation, making life easier, quicker and cheaper. ‘Just Label Lock™ and leave’.

Use ‘no residue’ to protect aircraft, doors, hatches and panels and windows, exits and furniture.

Use ‘dual layer’ for documents, seals, plastic bags and disposables.

Use tape to secure cargo, shrink-wrapped pallets, boxes, bags, packaging and parcels.

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