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Carphone Warehouse order fleet of Flexi Narrow Aisle VNA forklift trucks

Carphone Warehouse, the UK’s largest independent high street mobile ‘phone retailer, has ordered a fleet of three Flexi articulated forklift trucks from Flexi Narrow Aisle to improve order processing and assembly at its Midlands-based distribution centre.

Carphone Warehouse chose the Flexi trucks after an extensive evaluation process that involved trials of various different articulated and pivot steer truck types working in their busy very narrow aisle warehouse.

The trucks ordered are the latest Flexi VNA models – unique compact four wheel articulated forklift trucks, designed to provide the maximum storage density. The fact that the truck has a four wheel configuration with true articulation means that stability is not compromised and this was a significant factor in Carphone Warehouse’s selection process.

Thanks to their compact axle design and the fact that they offer 220 degrees of real articulation, the Flexi VNA trucks require minimal manoeuvring in the aisleways which, in turn, results in faster pallet put-away and picking. In a 1600mm wide aisle the Flexi VNA needs only one articulation to put-away a standard ISO (or Chep-style) pallet. It is common knowledge that some three wheel articulated trucks with ‘pivot’ steering technology, require up to four or five movements to achieve the same result.

John Maguire, sales and marketing director of Flexi Narrow Aisle, commented: "Some articulated trucks require the operator to perform a number of turns in the aisleway before a pallet can be put-away or picked. The Flexi VNA requires one turn to enter or destack a pallet.

"We are delighted to be working with Carphone Warehouse. Our products have brought a number of benefits to the company’s high quality logistics operation.

"Customer service and speed of response is a core value of Carphone Warehouse and we have been able to meet and exceed their expectation with our latest Flexi VNA articulated truck."

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