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Carrefour maintains the employees and saves time with the Logitrans Rotator

The goal has been reached Optimum working conditions and high efficiency the Logitrans Rotator increases the performance of Carrefour

The Carrefour Group the giant retailer now uses the Logitrans Rotator in France for the handling of ice for the cooling of fish. The Carrefour Group is the second largest retailer in the world and is with 15,000 outlets in 30 countries a remarkable brand

Carrefour in Toulon uses the Logitrans Rotator in their fish department. The fresh fish are placed on crushed ice in the show racks and are in this way kept both cold and appetizing. The ice is delivered daily in four trays with each 300kg, which until now has been scooped manually from the trays to the show racks a hard, back breaking and time consuming work, which is now carried through by the Logitrans Rotator a large revolution for the employees at Carrefour

"Due to our size we are very conscious about our financial, social and environmental responsibility – both to our customers and to our employees", says Mr. Laurent Koenig, at Carrefour. "We take this responsibility very seriously, and we are very satisfied that we have found a way to remove this heavy and back-breaking working situation!". The investment was possible due the Carrefour Fund, "Mission Handicap", which financially supports projects like this.

As added benefit the Logitrans Rotator has given Carrefour huge savings as regards time. The ice is handled quickly and efficiently – and this also increases the performance of the employees!

"The development cooperation has been very exciting! Our Rotator has been tailor-made for the specific working situation at Carrefour, which in this way has improved the working conditions for their employees – and has additionally improved the efficiency markedly", says a very proud and satisfied Peter Biehe, Regional Manager at Logitrans France.

The new developed Logitrans Rotator has already become an indispensable partner in all companies, in which emptying and filling of boxes, or rotating different items, are needed! At the same time the Rotator can handle up to 1000 kg. It puts focus on the working conditions of the user and makes it possible to tilt crates and boxes so that the user can reach the contents without stretching and straining the back. The rotator can turn a box 180º to empty it fully. In short – the Rotator can save many back problems – and increase the efficiency considerably!

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