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Carrier Transicold extends ‘City Line’ range with new Supra™ City Unit

Carrier Transicold has extended its range of refrigeration systems with the launch of the Supra™ City unit – a PIEK-compliant version of its popular Supra model for rigid trucks. The low noise system operates at 60 decibels and meets the requirements of customers who need to make night-time deliveries in and around residential neighbourhoods. Carrier Transicold helps improve global transport and shipping temperature control with a complete line of equipment for refrigerated trucks, trailers and containers, and is a part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX).

The new Supra City unit is available in two models – the Supra 950 City, offering a cooling capacity of 8,500 Watts for mono-temperature applications, and the Supra 950 MT City, with a cooling capacity of 5,500 Watts for multi-temperature applications.

The lower noise levels of the Supra City unit have been achieved thanks to an innovative design developed to reduce noise emissions, which includes an indirect air inlet and cover that reduces acoustic waves. It is also manufactured with acoustic material to absorb sound waves and noise emissions.

"As local authorities throughout Europe seek to address the issues of increasing traffic congestion, air pollution and noise disturbance in busy residential areas, Carrier Transicold provides an answer to these challenges with ground-breaking new products like the Supra City unit," said Justin Grace, managing director of Carrier Transicold UK.

"Being PIEK-compliant means the new Supra City unit reduces the noise generated in low-speed mode to the same level as normal conversation, allowing fleets to make deliveries in urban areas whilst local residents sleep soundly.

"This brings multiple benefits for both the fleet operator and the local community. Night-time deliveries mean trucks spend less time out on the road, leading to reduced daytime congestion, fewer road accidents, lower vehicle emissions and improved fuel consumption," added Grace.

The Supra City system builds on the Supra range’s proven reliability and performance, offering enhanced product protection and lower operating costs as a result of extended unit life and reduced downtime.

It joins a range of ‘City line’ products offered by Carrier Transicold throughout Europe, including the Vector™ 1850 MT City and Vector 1550 City trailer units. Both of these systems meet PIEK standards and have been recognised with John Connell Awards by the Noise Abatement Society, in 2007 and 2011 respectively.

PIEK standards were established in the Netherlands in 2003 to respond to growing concerns from local government and supermarkets, and stipulate that noise levels during night deliveries (from 10:30pm to 7:00am) must not surpass 60 decibels. While the Netherlands paved the way in this field, numerous projects aimed at reducing noise pollution have since come to fruition in other European countries including France, the UK, Spain and Germany.

The City line also includes the engineless Supra City Z range, launched last autumn and available in three different versions: the Supra 900 City Z, Supra 1000 City Z and Supra 1000 MT City Z. These units derive power from a hydraulic pump connected directly to the truck engine’s Power Take Off (PTO), which drives a hydraulic engine inside the refrigeration unit. This helps to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxide (NOx), carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbons and particulate matter, whilst sound insulation lowers noise levels to between 61 and 63 decibels in stand-by mode, depending on the specific model. Supra City Z models are ideally suited to meet the needs of operators that distribute temperature-sensitive goods in urban or Low Emission Zones, and who are eager to reduce their environmental impact without compromising on cold chain protection.

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