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Carrier Transicold UK equips one of the first refrigerated 15.65 metre trailers

One of the UK’s first 15.65 metre refrigerated trailers has been delivered into the Tesco fleet, featuring temperature-controlled Vector™ technology from Carrier Transicold. Another 24 high-volume extended length trailers will be delivered to Tesco to help it realise further operational and environmental improvements. Carrier Transicold helps improve global transport and shipping temperature control with a complete line of equipment for refrigerated trucks, trailers and containers, and is a part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX).

Carrier Transicold UK delivers temperature-controlled equipment that meets the
requirements of the UK Department for Transport’s (DfT) 10-year trial of 15.65
metre trailers. All 25 new triple-compartment Gray & Adams semi-trailers will be
fitted with the Vector 1850 MT (multi-temperature) low-noise unit, which is
ideally suited to Tesco’s superstore deliveries.

"Tesco operates one of the largest Vector 1850-equipped fleets in the UK and the
beauty of this technology is that it is flexible in suiting a wide range of
trailer specifications, be it single, double-deck or these new longer length
trailers," said John Forster, sales director, Carrier Transicold UK.

To accommodate the additional 2.05 metre trailer length, Carrier Transicold had
to modify the refrigeration equipment with a longer wiring loom that connects
the nose-mounted unit to a series of evaporators and temperature sensors.

The Vector 1850 unit is ideal for this longer generation trailer, due to its
higher capacity, quick pull-down and accurate temperature control along with the
unique ability to heat and cool different compartments simultaneously. The
Vector 1850 unit’s exclusive E-Drive™ technology incorporates an electric
generator to drive the compressor and condenser fans – unlike conventional
technology that is normally belt driven direct from a diesel engine.

The new extended length trailers are expected to help fleets cut vehicle
movements by transporting more goods per trailer load. This will, in turn, take
vehicles off the road, reducing fuel usage and minimising exhaust emissions.

"The UK infrastructure means it is essential to use the road network to
transport goods, so it is up to every operator to minimise the negative impact
this has on the environment," said Cliff Smith, fleet engineering manager,
Tesco. "Operational benefits sit alongside this, as the more focus that is
placed on reducing road miles, the more fleets are looking to maximise load fill
and cut emissions. Hopefully these longer length trailers will prove successful
in addressing both issues simultaneously.

"The Carrier Transicold UK team has supported us in developing suitable
refrigeration options in the past for our single and double-deck trailers so,
naturally, we looked to them for this new venture," added Smith.

Upon delivery into the Tesco fleet, all 25 new 15.65 metre trailers will be
covered by Carrier Transicold’s Golden Cold® repair and maintenance contracts,
with all maintenance recommended by Carrier Transicold carried out by
manufacturer-trained technicians using genuine replacement parts. Golden Cold
contracts also include access to 24-hour emergency assistance throughout the UK.

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